Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Heartbeat Baby Monitor- BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier With Dual Listening Capability by Bambeego

I purchased this for my son to hear his baby due in early spring. Absolutely worth it to see his eyes light up as he heard the heartbeat loud and clear. The doppler is easy to use and comes with a audio splitter so two people can listen at once. He sat with one ear plugged in watching football for a good 30 minutes lol.

His girlfriend loves it because it alleviates her fears when the baby is having a quiet moment and she wants to just check on things. Perfect for both of them and I was amazed at how well it works.

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Calily Life Tropical Aromatherapy Coconut and Lime Bubble Bath, Soak and Wash, 33.8 Oz.– Infused with Pure Essential Oils; Coconut, Lime, Aloe Vera & Organic Extracts

Somebody stop me!! I can't not love these products. I'm now trying the coconut and lime bubble bath and not only does this come in a gianormous bottle (33.8 oz), it smells so good that you can't help but relax while using it. I love soaking in a bubble filled tub of this stuff but I also use it as a body wash in the shower. A little goes a very long way so this will last me for months. The dead sea minerals, natural extracts and oils are an awesome combination alone but they added aloe vera to this that helps keep my skin from drying out in the winter air. 

For those with sensitive skin, no fear here. It's paraben free and hypoallergenic and for someone like me that has skin issues, its great to find something that works so well with no after affects other than pure happiness. Could not be happier with this product.

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Calily Life Organic Coconut Milk Scrub with Dead Sea Minerals, 23.28 Oz./660gr– Deep Moisturizing and Nourishment - Exfoliates, Clears Eczema, Removes Wrinkles, Gets Skin Vibrant and Revitalized.

I like to think I am well versed in bath and body products but when I find one that amazes me, I like to shout it out so here it is. Calily makes such good quality products, I shouldn't have been surprised when I used this for the first time and my skin was super soft after being so dry from the winter air.

From the moment I opened it, I was in love. The smell is rich and not overpowering and the dead sea salt scrub exfoliates gently leaving your skin soft, glowing and hydrated. Seriously, I felt like I should have paid $100 for a salon body treatment. Best part is you are not walking around all day with an oily feeling. Soft, yes, but NO nasty slick feel. Perfect. Definitely worth checking out for yourself and adding to your pampering routine for way less than other products that do not compare at all. #iwasinvited #calily #salonquality #ad

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Jack&Pup Prime Tender & Hearty Thick Cow Ears Odor Free Dog Treats, (15 Pack) – Premium Grade Long Lasting All Natural and Unflavored Gourmet Dog Treat Chews – Fresh & Tasty Low-Calorie Treat

I couldn't get these out of the package fast enough!! My dog was jumping all over to get one and ran off with it with pure joy on her face to eat this. No smell, quality ingredients and a very happy dog makes this an awesome purchase. This was my first purchase of this line and I will definitely be looking at their other items for my spoiled girl.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

PlayMeal Kid's Adventure Food Bowl, Stops Mealtime Fuss and Motivates Healthy Eating Habits for Kids, Includes 3 Surprise Toys

Super cute and perfect to get your child to finish all their meal. At the bottom waits a very cute toy you can change out and add your own to that keeps their interest. I got this for my grandson and love the idea. It's made well and is easy to clean with bright colors. The set is also made with BPA free materials so safe. I tossed it in the dishwasher with no issues. The bright colors are cute and it does come with 3 different toys that are also very bright colored and eye catching. Very smart way to get children motivated to eat their food to get to their "prize". Wish they'd had this around when my kids were little but glad they have them now for the grandbabies!

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Gideon Original Windproof Vented Double Layer Reverse Umbrella, 39 Inch Diameter – Ergonomic Slip Proof C Handle – Self Standing – Withstands Winds Up To 55 MPH Workmanship

Seriously, the coolest umbrella I own. From the rubberized C shaped easy grip handle to the cute cloud design to the very functional inverted fold that allows you to get in a car or doorway while staying dry and collapses away from you, this stylish umbrella is da bomb.
The double vented canopy is a great design to allow the umbrella to retain its shape during the crappy windstorms we get here so I am super happy with the product. My first time out with it this week I had several compliments! Already have ordered for Christmas gifts, too. check it out for yourself! #ad #iwasinvited

Friday, November 17, 2017

Calily Life Organic Tea Tree Shampoo + Conditioner with Dead Sea Minerals, Duo Set, 30.5 Oz. Each – Concentrated Extra-strength Formula

A little of this great smelling product goes a long way! It's highly concentrated so use sparingly and you won't notice any difference. The tea tree shampoo leaves my scalp feeling a lot less itchy and soothed. My purpose for looking for this type of shampoo was for anti-inflammatory reasons, but it also stimulates the hair follicles for new growth. No joke. After a week of use, I can already see baby hairs popping up around the frame of my face! 

The conditioner was not on my radar but so glad they had the duo set. Not only are both bottles huge at 30.5 ounces each, but the conditioner makes my hair shiny and soft. It rinses out easily and leaves no residue at all. Glad it was in the set because together, they make an amazing difference in my hair. It looks so healthy!

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