Monday, March 19, 2018

Smart Light Bulb, Wifi Smart Light Bulb with 50W Equivalent, Dimmable Warm White and A19 E26 Edison Bulb, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, No Hub Required, LUMIMAN LM510

We are looking to replace all our household bulbs and this wifi one was super easy to set up with our Echo Dot. The bulb is equivalent to 50w and is dimmable!! "Alexa, dim the lights" and BOOM, she is done. Love how natural the light is and not super bright like a lot of LED lighting. Great investment and will be converting all our bulbs with this brand now.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Foromans Wax Melts Candle Warmer Classic Black Metal Forest Design Fragrance Oil Warmer Lamp for Home Decor

I have been using fragrance and essential oils for quite sometime and recently redecorated my family room so started hunting for a warmer that fit my new decor and was simple to use. The design is really pretty with a woodsy theme and when lit is spectacular. The top is simple to lift up and clean out, although I have yet to had to do that burning fragrance oil, and the bulb is easy to access below the top. Burns my oils well and looks pretty at the same time. Definitely recommend for the look alone. As a side note, the off/on button the cord is great for someone like me that has a hard time with scroll button off/on switches. This one has a nice thick toggle button.#Foromans

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Popcorn Maker, iSiLER Popcorn Machine, 1200W Hot Air Popcorn Popper, Makes 12 Cups of Popcorn Healthy Machine No Oil Needed

As a huge popcorn lover, I have been looking for a new one after the old one kicked dirt and found this iSiLER machine. Very happy I did.

I TBSP of popcorn added to this baby and 3 minutes later, you have 12 cups of popcorn with no oil, and hardly and unpopped kernels in the machine. Amazing. Popcorn comes out warm and tastes so good with minimal effort. Best feature is the top has a little round warming tray were you can toss your butter and it melts and the popcorn is being made. Easy to clean and store.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

AKASO V50 Native 4K/30fps 20MP WiFi Action Camera with EIS, Ultra HD 30m Waterproof Camera with Remote Control, 170 Degree Wide Angle, 2 Rechargeable Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kit

If you are in the market for a great camera that you can take ANYWHERE, check this one out. I wanted a camera I could take hiking, swimming, even skydiving at a reasonable price and was amazed at how well this one performs.

The stabilization feature is the bomb. Literally. I have the worst time staying still when trying to capture action shots and my footage looks amazing. I love how you can make this a wide angle and get a lot of image in the screen and the waterproof claim is so true. I tossed this in the pool to test it out before our Hawaii trip and not only did it stay nice and dry, the 4K resolution on playback was crystal clear.

The set arrives with great accessories that will get used like a helmet adapter, bicycle adapter, waterproof case, manual, usb cable, lens cloth and remote control, 2 batteries and some extra clips and mounts. For the price, you cannot beat this quality.  Make sure you invest in a SD card since it doesn't come with one.

Seriously could not be happier with this and cannot wait to use it on our adventures this year.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Calily Life Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo (33.8 Fl.Oz) + Conditioner with Dead Sea Minerals (30.6 fl.oz) , Duo Set, Concentrated Extra-strength Formula – Restores, Enhances, Softens and Shines

I've been using this argan oil shampoo set for 2 weeks now and have to rave about how amazing my hair feels. It leaves my hair super manageable, smooth (not the normal frizz) and has not hurt my color treated hair in anyway. It actually feels stronger and I swear I have way less hair at the bottom of the shower daily. The smell is incredible and because they come in huge containers (with awesome pumps!), these 30.6 ounce bottles will last for months. I was worried about how it would rinse out of my hair but that is not a concern since from the first time using it my hair rinsed clean with no problems. Very happy with this product and am now a dedicated user that will recommend to others looking for a great paraben free shampoo and conditioner. #iwasinvited #ad

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Heartbeat Baby Monitor- BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier With Dual Listening Capability by Bambeego

I purchased this for my son to hear his baby due in early spring. Absolutely worth it to see his eyes light up as he heard the heartbeat loud and clear. The doppler is easy to use and comes with a audio splitter so two people can listen at once. He sat with one ear plugged in watching football for a good 30 minutes lol.

His girlfriend loves it because it alleviates her fears when the baby is having a quiet moment and she wants to just check on things. Perfect for both of them and I was amazed at how well it works.

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Calily Life Tropical Aromatherapy Coconut and Lime Bubble Bath, Soak and Wash, 33.8 Oz.– Infused with Pure Essential Oils; Coconut, Lime, Aloe Vera & Organic Extracts

Somebody stop me!! I can't not love these products. I'm now trying the coconut and lime bubble bath and not only does this come in a gianormous bottle (33.8 oz), it smells so good that you can't help but relax while using it. I love soaking in a bubble filled tub of this stuff but I also use it as a body wash in the shower. A little goes a very long way so this will last me for months. The dead sea minerals, natural extracts and oils are an awesome combination alone but they added aloe vera to this that helps keep my skin from drying out in the winter air. 

For those with sensitive skin, no fear here. It's paraben free and hypoallergenic and for someone like me that has skin issues, its great to find something that works so well with no after affects other than pure happiness. Could not be happier with this product.

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