Friday, April 28, 2017

USB Wall Charger, GOUP 3-Pack 1.0AMP 1-Port Universal Power Adapter Home Travel Wall Charger Plug for iPhone 7/7 plus 6/6s plus 6/6 plus 5S 5 4S Samsung S5 S4 S3, Note 5, HTC, LG and More Device

Very nice 3 pack of wall charges for our iPhones. Had no problems using our lightening cables in the ports and they stayed cool to the touch during charging. Easy to plug in and out of the wall and overall simple and performed as described. For us, we can never have too many of these so they are being used continually.

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Canvas "TOYS" Storage Bin 17"long, large enough for Toy Storage - Storage Basket for organizing Baby Toys, Kids Toys, Baby Clothing, Children Books, Gift Baskets.

This is a great canvas storage tote that has a wire frame for stability and waterproof lining.  It's made of natural canvas and a nice off white color that goes with all decor. I like the solid riveted handles on both ends for easy carry and allowing a simple pull from a shelf. When not in use, it's simple to collapse and store on a shelf. The cute stenciled TOYS in different colors on the side helps identify its use quick but I like that the reverse side is blank allowing you to turn it on a shelf for other uses.

Very strong and sturdy bag that is very functional. 

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Kakalu Assorted Non-Skid Ankle Cotton Socks with Grip for 12-36 Months Baby, Cartoon 2, 6-Pairs

Great quality and super cute socks for infants/toddlers that have anti-slip bottoms. While I have tried several styles from this brand, the quality remains the same with them all. The patterns are cute and sometimes sent randomly but they stretch well allowing for growth and retain their shape after washing. Good brand I would recommend.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

multifun - Waterproof Dog Training Collar, multifun Remote Electronic Collar, Rechargeable Dog Collar with Beep Vibration and Shock Function

Now I am pro-animal but I have a OCD ADHD Lab that likes to bark at every little think, runs uncontrollably and tends to "chatter" endlessly. We have done several training courses with no long term remedy so I am resorting to a training collar after a suggestion by my vet.

This particular one is waterproof, charges off an included USB cable and very easy to set up. You pair the collar and remote, place the collar on the dog, then select shock, vibration or beep mode. For me, I don't think I would actually use shock but the other two work well and within minutes, my dog stopped barking and LISTENED to her commands. Super happy with how easy and effective it is. After one session, I only have to put the collar on her and she instantly stops misbehaving. The remote has nice big numbers and buttons, too so easy to use. It also has a lock on the side to keep people from accidentally pushing buttons. Great collar!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SunGrow Shake Q Pet Food Ball - FUN and INTERACTIVE Treat-dispensing Ball for Dogs & Cats: Increases IQ and MENTAL stimulation: BEST alternative to Bowl Feeding : Easy to CLEAN

My dogs love this!! Our pups range in age from 4 months to 7 years and all loved playing with this. It was fun watching them figure out how to get the treats out by nuzzling the ball with their noses or even swatting it with their paw like one of ours did.

To add the treats, you simply twist apart the ball, add the treats, close it back up and the weighted bottom keeps the ball upright or returns the ball to an upright position as they play. When the ball leans to one side, a hole allows the treat to pop out. Once they figure it out, they move through them quickly. We decided to tape over one side so its more of a challenge for the older dog since she got it right away. The bell inside is cute and keeps them entertained as well.

Very cute dog toy and really does keep them busy for quite a while.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker, Red Dot Award Winner Portable Espresso Cappuccino,Quick Cold Brew Manual Coffee Maker Machines All in One

Oh wow does this little coffee maker work super easy. To call it compact doesn't do it justice. We have been looking for something small and easy that REALLY makes good coffee for a long time for our camping trips and this was it. 

Since you can control the press, you can make is strong (hubby) or light for me. It requires no electricity so we take it on the boat when we overnight camp, too. You have to add the hot water but again, that allows you control. Each part is easy to assemble/deassemble and clean. Once you tamp your coffee in to the basket, you press it down and reassemble the pieces, pour in desired temp water screw the pump on and start pumping. We use about 10-11. Once you do, it forces the water through the coffee and boom, hot coffee! 

The instructions are easy to follow in multiple languages and you receive a nice bonus gift of a secondary shot glass up for the espresso to pump into allowing.

Nice espresso/coffee maker and my Americano made at home never tasted better.

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360 Degree Rotation Motion Sensor Light, LC-dolida Cordless Rechargeable LED Night Light Stick Anywhere Safe Lights Nursing Lights with Detachable Magnetic Base for Hallway Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen

We have a bedroom that has was recently vacated and has no lighting in it so I was ecstatic to find this motion light. It is super easy to use, charge, set and go. The magnetic rotating base is awesome and we have our set to auto so when you walk in the room, it turns on and then you can freely move it around to the angle you want. That allows us to see in the closet area or a corner etc hands free! You can also just remove it from the base and it acts like a spotlight. It comes with a charging cord although you can use 3 AAA batteries, too, and an adhesive disc to keep it stationary if you want. Once triggered, it stays on for 20 seconds or you can change the setting to on and have steady light for as long as you need it. The LED is a nice lighting, too, and not so bright you are shielding your eyes when it pops on in the dark.

Super happy with this light and will get more for other areas that have limited lighting like the shed and boat.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Portable & Water Resistant for Shower/Outdoor Usage, Stereo Sound 6+ Hours Playtime, Powerful 5W Drive, Built-in Microphone Handsfree Calls, SuctionCup & SnapHook, Green

I have a son famous for taking his phone in the bathroom getting it as close as he can to the shower so he can listen to his music while he bathes. Drives me INSANE with worry the phone will get damaged from moisture. This EazyClips wireless bluetooth speaker just changed the game.

When it arrived, I though okay, small but what is the sound like? I charged it up, even though it came with a charge, paired it to my phone easily by following the instructions (push power and hold for blue light) and started up the music. I was bummed that the sound was not as loud as I hoped for until I realized I needed to turn up the volume on my phone so the speaker could have min - max volume range. Duh. Once I did....look out! Great sound and clarity came booming through. 

The speaker (mine is green) is water resistant, splash proof, and has a great suction cup on the back that sticks even to kitchen cabinets - at least they did mine. The buttons around the edge of the speaker allow you to move forward and backward a song, pause, increase/decrease the volume, and answer phone calls that may come in.

Overall, I'm amazed at this sound quality of this tiny speaker. My son absolutely loves it. The rest of the house, not so much since he sings at the top of his lungs with it. :)

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Java Planet - Sumatra Indonesian USDA Organic Coffee Beans, Dark Roasted, Fair Trade, Arabica Gourmet Specialty Grade A - 1lb bag Java Planet

First, coffee is a morning must for me and we have been purchasing coffee online now for a few months trying to find one we like. This Java Planet brand definitely was worth blogging over for me. We started with the Black Magic then moved to the Good Morning, transitioned to Java Taman Dadar and now have tried this Sumatra Indonesian blend. All four flavors come in a one pound bag (16 ounces) and are USDA organic, GMO free, and 100% chemical and pesticide free. While they all have different flavors, they are all rich in taste with unique characteristics.

The indonesian blend has a spicey maple flavor.
The black magic is more of a berry, chocolate and nut flavor.
The good morning blend has a basic taste that tastes similiar to Starbucks Blonde but much MUCH better.
The java taman dadar blend is the hubby's favorite. Dark french roast that gets him going very early in the morning and as he likes to say, is "BOLD".

All four are delicious and great for different days such as hot summer, cold winter or early spring. Very impressed with these coffee blends and will continue to purchase them now that we have found such a great brand.

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Java Planet - Black Magic USDA Organic Coffee Beans, Medium Dark Roast, Arabica Gourmet Coffee Grade A, packaged in 1 LB bagJava Planet - Good Morning USDA Organic Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, Arabica Gourmet Coffee Grade A, packaged in 1 LB bagJava Planet - Sumatra Indonesian USDA Organic Coffee Beans, Dark Roasted, Fair Trade, Arabica Gourmet Specialty Grade A - 1lb bag

XXLARGE Jute STORAGE Bin 22"Long x 15"Wide (NEW! Thicker Jute), large enough for Toy Storage - Storage Basket for organizing Baby Toys, Kids Toys, Baby Clothing, Children Books, Gift Baskets. Organizer Logic

I have been in basket heaven organizing my house and thank you Organizer Logic for making excellent quality baskets to fit my needs. This storage basket clearly is marked STORAGE on the side and is made of a great Jute material so durable and easy to maintain. These baskets fold flat in a heartbeat so I love how easy they are to pop out and use then fold flat for storage. This particular basket is an XXL so 22 inches long, 15 inches wide by 10 inches high. The sides have handles so easy to carry and only one side is marked storage so you can turn it for a blank effect. The inside is a lined with a laminate of sorts that keeps items like blankets safe from snags and also clean up in case of spills from kids using as toy bins. 

Love how they look on the shelf, so clean and tidy. Excellent product that will get lots of use.

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Roll over image to zoom in Kakalu 6 Pack Laundry Bag Delicates Mesh Wash Bag For Hosiery, Underwear, Bra ,Garment Lingerie Effective Protection Travel Storage Organize Zipped Drying Machine Washing Bag ( 3 Large, 3 Medium)

Very nice set of lingerie bags for the washing machine to keep your delicates safe. This set comes in a 6 pack with 4 white bags and 2 black bags (3 Large 16 x 19 inch and 3 Medium 12 x 16 ") that all have sturdy zip closures and nice tight seams for worry-free washing. The mesh fabric is soft and keeps even the most delicate lace from having issues going in a machine. Very nicely made with the zipper that tucks under a sewn in pocket so no damage to other clothes. 

I use these for travel and stick my socks/underwear in them to keep them contained especially when TSA is going through bags. Saves a bit of a hassle. 

6 pack for $8.99 prime right now. Great price for this quality.

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Extra Long 18/8 Stainless Steel Straws 8 Packs ( 4 angled + 4 straight + 2 brush) Reusable Metal Drinking Straws for 30oz and 20oz Cups Rumblers Fits all Yeti Ozark Trail SIC & RTIC Tumblers

Stainless steel straws are the rage right now for tumblers. This set of 8 VERY LONG straws include 4 angled, 4 straight and includes 2 brushes for cleaning. The straws are BPA free, Eco-friendly and non-toxic. I like that I can toss them in the dishwasher and have no worries they are getting cleaned and sterilized. 

Having different angled ones is nice, too depending on if we are active while drinking or sitting. Scratch/rust proof and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Can't go wrong there.

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Kakalu® 6 Pairs Assorted Non Skid Ankle Cotton Socks Baby Walker Boys Girls Toddler Anti Slip Stretch Knit Stripes Star Footsocks Sneakers Crew Socks With Grip For 16-36 Months Baby + Free Gift

I purchased these for my grandson because at 4 months, he is already super active with his feet and kicks his socks off all the time. These socks, however, STAY ON! The non - skid sole is going to be perfect as he starts crawling and standing but for now, he kicks a lot and finally, a sock that doesn't constrict around his leg too tight but actually stays on. 

Super happy with the quality and they wash up very well. The different designs and colors make them so versatile. His mom took them all home so now I must get more. LOL

Can't go wrong with this purchase.

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iPhone Charger Cord, LAX 6ft Long Apple MFi Certified Fast and Strong Braided Lightning Cable for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6 / SE / iPad Air 2 / Air / Mini 4 / Pro - Pink/White (

Really love my new Apple certified charging cord. The length is perfect so I can run it under my desk and route it all the way up to the hutch where my phone stays out of reach of little hands. The pink color fits my personality to a T. Best part is this charges my phone lickety split without my phone heating up like off brand cables can do. Fit my needs perfectly.

Check one out for yourself if you are tired of cheap imitation cords.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Fairy String Lights for Outdoor, Gardens, Homes, Wedding, Christmas Party, Waterproof

Outdoor solar lights are my thing so I am always on the hunt for a good set. This one has 200 LED lights that span over 72 feet and has 8 different settings that you can choose from to display your lights. I personally like the steady on during the summer and twinkle for the winter. 

The set up was easy - attach the spike to the stand, insert the solar panel onto the stand, remove protective film from panel, adjust to face the sun and place in the ground. Make sure you turn the switch to on. After charging for a few hours, it light up for about 6 hours during the evening. Charges during the day and comes on at dusk. Nothing easier than that. The lights themselves have a nice glow about them and are attached to the wire very well and are even wrapped. Easy to use and lights up the dark areas of my yard that have no electrical ability.

Tactical Vest with 20pcs Refill Darts for Nerf Gun N-strike Elite Series Not Including 2 Clips (Toy)

Pretty cute and functional vest that keeps your darts handy. Awesome that it can hold so many and it even comes with 20 darts! It does not come with the reload clip shown in the photo but most guns come with them and now you have a place to store them. The vest has lots of velcro and adjustable straps so will sit a wide range of sizes. My nephew loves it and says he looks "cool" running around shooting with his friends.

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YEOUTH Neck Cream for Firming, Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Moisturizer, Skin Tightening, Helps Double Chin, Turkey Neck Tightener, Repair Crepe Skin with Green Tea, Argireline, Vitamin C

I test all kinds of anti-aging creams and moisturizers but this was my first neck creme with green tea that helps with damaged skin and the aging process. This creme is packed with all sorts of organic goodness including Argireline and Vitamin C to help relax muscles delaying the appearance of wrinkles, improve collagen and help repair all the damage the sun does to my skin.

While it claims to tighten the skin, I have to comment that my neck is so soft that I don't notice the tightening. I do notice that the usual heavy neck creases I have have greatly diminished giving my neck a nice smooth look. I have used it for a week now and really REALLY like how it smells, softens and gives an overall fresh look to my neck area.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ProCIV Herb Scissors - Stylish Kitchen Shear- Multipurpose gadgets with 5 Multi Blades and Cleaning Comb - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel - Chopper Cutter Fresh and Dry Herbs (Green)

As someone who loves to cook and garden, these herb scissors make it so easy to cut up fresh herbs quickly and evenly. You don't even need to use a cutting board; you can cut right into the pan or bowl. The handle is super comfortable and with 10 stainless steel blades that cut 5 at once, your time is very minimal in prep. The scissors are dishwasher safe so no worries about messy items or smell. 

These come with a lifetime warranty and a tool to clean should items get stuck. Perfect addition to the kitchen.

Flexible Silicone Spatula, Set of 3 , Heat Resistant & Non-stick, for Cake Butter Baking Truner Scraper Kitchen Utensils (3pcs Blue)

If you are looking for a great set of silicone spatulas, this is a recommended set for a great price. The set contains 3 different styles of spatulas that are food grade, flexible, BPA free, FDA approved, 100% heat resistant that won't warp, melt, discolor, shrink, scratch or stick to anything. The handles have a hold so you can even hang these for easy grab and use. Since the heads can come off the handles to be clean either by hand or the dishwasher, make sure you let them dry thoroughly before snapping them back on to prevent mold.

Love the colors and after using for a week every day, I can attest at how well they work when scraping bowls or making scrambled eggs. :)

Water Pitcher with Lid : BPA-Free Fruit Infusion Pitcher / Water Jug by Ergo Kitchen Accessories - 84 Oz.

Drinking more water is on my bucket list so this pitcher that allows you to infuse with fruit really caught my eye. It arrived quickly and the size at 84 ounces is really a great size to monitor your intake for the day. It's BPA free and has a nice clear jug so easy to see how fresh your water is or if your fruit needs to be changed. The handle is ergo friendly allowing you to pour with ease and its backed with a lifetime warranty. 

I wash mine by hand and recommend it. Very easy to use, clean and I love that every time I open the fridge, I see quickly see it and it reminds me to drink my water! 

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Alpine Turmeric Curcumin 1500mg with BioPerine 95% Standardized Curcuminoids 180 Count Non-GMO Certified Vegan Capsules for Joint & Immune Support Alpine Nutrition

Very good proprietary blend of Turmeric containing 1500 mg with 10grams of Bioprene per capsule. Manufactured in a GMP certified  USA facility. I liked that it is free of fillers such as dairy, egg, gluten, GMOs, soy, shellfish, peanuts, wheat and sugar.

Pill size is average and the capsules are veggie so nothing extra here. I have been on Turmeric for years and this blend is very good and has even helped with my chronic joint pain better than other brands over the years. May have found the one to stick to. 

If you are a supplements fan, I highly recommend trying this one.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Best Dual Tip Brush Pen Set Free Coloring Book 12 Colors For Coloring, Art, Sketching, Calligraphy, Manga, Bullet Journal, Lettering

Gorgeous brush pen set that had dual ends giving you different brush sizes for fine or more bold strokes. I love how deep and rich the colors are and they dry quickly so no worries about smudges. I tend to have a heavy hand when coloring so the precise fine tip is great to help me take my time and learn to slow down and still get great results. I loved the tip included to use a plain brush in water to then thin the ink out on the page for a watercolor effect. Really cool!

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