Thursday, April 27, 2017

multifun - Waterproof Dog Training Collar, multifun Remote Electronic Collar, Rechargeable Dog Collar with Beep Vibration and Shock Function

Now I am pro-animal but I have a OCD ADHD Lab that likes to bark at every little think, runs uncontrollably and tends to "chatter" endlessly. We have done several training courses with no long term remedy so I am resorting to a training collar after a suggestion by my vet.

This particular one is waterproof, charges off an included USB cable and very easy to set up. You pair the collar and remote, place the collar on the dog, then select shock, vibration or beep mode. For me, I don't think I would actually use shock but the other two work well and within minutes, my dog stopped barking and LISTENED to her commands. Super happy with how easy and effective it is. After one session, I only have to put the collar on her and she instantly stops misbehaving. The remote has nice big numbers and buttons, too so easy to use. It also has a lock on the side to keep people from accidentally pushing buttons. Great collar!

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