Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kibby Products Premium Solar Flashlight Survival Kit With Axe Multitool, Rechargeable, USB Included, Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Outdoor Sports, Auto Emergency Kit, Credit Card Size Multitool Included!

My husband is a prepper - not extreme - but one nonetheless and is always working with our kids to make them prepared for emergencies. He was looking at solar flashlights when we saw this awesome survival kit that has that and more.

Inside this great protective hard plastic case is a solar flashlight that has a bright light, strobe light and SOS light and even has a charging port on the end so you can charge your electronics by sun (with a USB cord!), a great multi-tool that has uses such a measurement, bottle opener, screwdriver, etc., and axe multi-tool that has 12 options to cut, saw and open cans and more. Plus, it converts to a handy dandy hammer. Truly, it has everything you would need to quickly use in an emergency situation and should be added to all prep kits.

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