Thursday, April 6, 2017

ProCIV Cup Holder New 360 Degrees Universal Cup Holder fits Baby Stroller, Pushchair Bicyle Strollers, Bike and Mountain Bike

Years ago I told people they needed to invent an portable cup holder you can attach to grocery carts, strollers, bikes, and even our beach chairs so you know I was super happy to find this one. It was very easy to install, it rotates 360 degrees and even has a non-slip gasket to keep it firmly attached to its host bar. It looks and feels to be made of a durable, high quality plastic and it's all contained in one unit so no worries about missing parts. Perfectly fits beer cans, bottles and my coffee cups! We attached it to my grandson's stroller in under a minute then moved it around to other items until we started arguing about who gets to keep it :)

Great product and worth every argument. 

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