Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face & Body - 100% Natural Spa Quality - Best Pore Reducer & Minimizer to Help Treat Acne , Blackheads & Oily Skin – Tightens Skin for a Visibly Healthier Complexion – 8.8 OZ

I love quality skin care products and this mineral infused mud mask is so good to my sensitive skin. I have used it 3 times now over 10 days and after applying a thin layer, I let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water and my skin looks bright and fresh. I get no breakouts or redness and my skin looks and feels incredible. 

The mask is made from dead sea mud, shea butter, aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamin A, sunflower seed and jojoba oils. It's also has no parabens, sulfates, or alcohol and is made in a FDA/GMP certified facility.

Benefits of the Dead Sea Mud Mask: 

- Reduces, Cleans & Minimizes Pores 
- Help Treat Acne , Blackheads & Oily Skin 
- Tightens Skin for a Visibly Healthier & Smoother Complexion 
- Removes Dead Skin Cells 
- 100% Natural derived from the Dead Sea in Israel 

Monday, January 30, 2017

FrontPet Portable Pet Tent Outdoor Pet Kennel With One Step Setup Technology and Included Carry Bag- Perfect For Camping With Dogs!

We have a Labrador that we take camping and boating and lugging around her crate for her is just not convenient at all so we have been looking for a portable solution. This well designed tent by FrontPet has all the features we wanted. We purchased the large size for our dog and could not be happier. It is roomy at 35.5 x 35.5 x 38.5 high. It is made with high quality nylon with great metal zippers and has lots of Velcro tabs along the inside and outside to hang leashes or other items. It literally sets up in under a minute. You simply pull it out of the nice carry bag, pull up on the center hub and the legs extend and pop into place. All in one motion. You then can hammer the enclosed stakes into the ground for added security. It has great mesh ventilation on the top and includes a rain fly that can be removed for extra circulation. 

To collapse, you simple pull the center hub toward you while pushing apart the bottom of the hub and it folds. Tuck it all together, use the Velcro strap to secure it and put back into the carry bag. The bag even has an expansion zipper just in case you can't get it folded back up all the way but we had no problems doing so. I can 't believe we did without this since it provides a portable kennel for visiting dogs, a tent for camping or just shade while boating and is so easy to use. Our dog absolutely loves it.

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Giant Stuffed Easter Bunny Plush; Over 5 Feet High, 7' w/ Ears

If you are looking for that gianormous bunny that everyone wants, this is it! This very soft, floppy 5 foot tall bunny is super cute and super fun. When it arrived, I thought it wasn't that big but then take it out of the vacuum sealed packing and poof, he expands fast and fluffy. My plan was to use it for my grandson's first Easter photos and subsequent ones over the years but he is so soft and cuddly, my kids are using him to lay on to watch tv around the house. 

Love this bunny and who knew he would be a great piece of furniture, too.

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The Gauntlet XBOX Silicone Thumb Grips

I have gamer sons who have been asking for these "cool" grips for some time so as soon as I saw these, I knew they were a must. They apply right over the thumb sticks on the Xbox controller and are made of a durable silicone that is flexible, sweatproof and comfortable. The cool thing is 4 of them are concave and the other 4 are convex. The overall feedback from use is they allow you to have quicker responses and keep your thumbs from getting sore. Thumbs up from them!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chill-O Solid Stainless Steel Beer Bullet Bottle Opener Set of 2

I got this really cool stainless steel bottle openers for my husband's bar set and it has become the talk of all his buddies. Each opener is about 4 inches long and pops open a bottle like nobodies business. Since he and his friends are avid hunters, I know I need to purchase more of them for gifts otherwise, ours will walk off :) I got tons of props for purchasing these and am now the popular wife. Cleaning is a breeze and you can just hand wash, dry and pop them back in a drawer. Great product with realistic features that is very functional.

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Platinum Professional Gyutou 8 Inch Chef's Knife, High Carbon Stainless Steel ,Sharp Cutlery, Ergonomic Handle , Slicing Knife , dicing, chopping, and mincing of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish

Beautiful! This 8 inch chef's knife cuts like a dream. The carbon stainless steel blade is sharp and precise. I love the pankka ergo handle with the stainless accent on the end showing that it is a solid piece of steel. Those kinds of details make it a quality item. It may be dishwasher safe but I would recommend hand wash just because it is that nice and I want it to last. Definitely a gift worthy item and a must have in any kitchen.

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Platinum UMD 10 Piece Compact Mixing Bowls, Food Prep and Measuring Nesting Set, Multi-Color FDA Approved

For someone that lacks storage like me, these are the BOMB! The ability to store them all in one contained unit makes this a highlight of this 10 piece set. It comes with 10.5-inch mixing bowl, 9-inch colander, 7.5-inch sieve, 6-inch small bowl, and 6 measuring cups (1 cup, 1/2-cup, 1/3-cup, 1/4-cup, 1 tbsp, and 1/2-tbsp). The bowls have nice handles to hold and all are made of a strong durable ABS BPA free plastic that is dishwasher safe. Don't use these in the microwave, though. And, I would hand wash the sieve since it has metal. Super convenient to have everything in one place for baking, too.

Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator with Digital Display for Home (110V) and Car (12V) - 30 Litres/Min

We have a boat so I purchased this to help quickly inflate all the water toys since the typical air inflaters made for camping items are pretty slow and noisy. This Kensun air compressor works quick and easy. It comes in a great zippered case and fits nicely in the boat and/our our cars. The LCD digital screen is clear and easy to use and shows the PSI for inflating tires but would be nice if it had larger numbers for those of us that need it. The front also has a flashlight which comes in handy as it's getting dark on the water or when you need to inflate your car in the dark. Another improvement would be a longer cord for larger cars with tires that are farther away. Otherwise, it's simple to set and use and you can plug it into your car outlet or use the AC adapter for a wall. Handy for pool items as well!

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Gideon™ Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion for Car and Home – with Vibrating Massage – 5-Level Cooling - Maximize Comfort During Travel, At Home and Office

I purchased this for my husband who has had several back surgeries and the majority of his job is driving. The vibration modes (3) are nice and he said they do a great job of hitting pressure points for him. He also likes that it hits the backs of his thighs that tend to go numb if sitting too long. It really helps keep them from doing that. The greatest function is the ability to go between heat and cool on this vibrating chair massager. When it's cold out, his back doesn't move as well so the heat/massage combo does a great job of getting the muscles to relax. And, when it's hot out, the cold will do a great job of keeping them from aching. The control is easy to use and pretty self explanatory. Set up only took a few minutes to secure to his truck seat. Once plugged in and turned on, you can feel either the heat or cold quickly. It circulates throughout the top and bottom and seems to hit just the right zones. Very happy with the product and will be getting another one for another car.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Hoont™ Outdoor Hanging Decorative Sparkling Crystals Gazing Ball with Solar Powered Color Changing LED Light – 6 Inch Diameter

This has got to be one of my favorite outdoor lights. The LED lights are beautiful and give off just enough light to provide ambiance and provide a pretty light show. Even when it is just hanging during the day, it looks so pretty. It's made of very durable weatherproof materials and had a cut crystal look to it so the light refracts and casts an amazing look. The size is perfect at 6 inches in diameter and about 27 inches when hanging. Make sure you hang it in full sun to get maximum lighting at night (about 8 hours). I love that it needs no batteries or electricity - you can hang it anywhere and can freely move it as the time changes during the year when you need to capture as much light as possible. It automatically comes on at dusk and off in light so once it is up, you can just sit back and enjoy. Several of my family members have commented how nice it looks out our back window. Hands down a great purchase.

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Gideon DreamWave Soothing Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light with Built-in Stereo Speakers / (12 LED Bulbs - 3 Colors) Water Wave LED Ceiling Projector for Children - Connects with Any Audio Device

As someone who loves to have spa days, this awesome ocean projector just gave me a relaxing atmosphere at home to have a spa day anytime! The LED projector is simple to use and comes with a regular wall plug adapter, USB adapter or you can use 4 AA batteries (not included). Once it has power, you can choose from 3 colors - Red, Blue or Green - that are bright (you can adjust) and have great variances in their tones. I like setting the timer (it can go up to 60 min) and it has an auto shut-off so you can set it before bed, drift off to sleep, and not worry about it staying on. The light is cool to the touch so no worries about little hands around it, either. 

It really is pretty on the ceiling and walls and makes you feel like you are under the sea in a calm, safe environment. The light has speakers so you can hook in your phone or device and play soothing music as well. Really a great night light/ocean projector/speaker system. Great for anyone that has a hard time decompressing during the day or night and provides a peaceful environment. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mira Pack Hydrogel 2-step Masking System for Face Neck Hydrating Skin Brighteners, Anti aging sold by USA ACTIVE

My esthetician typically applies masks for me but since those visits can get pricey, it was time to find something I could do at home with similar results. This cellulose mask is pretty cool. It comes in 3 pieces so you can custom fit it to your face better. It's easy to use - clean your face well with a toner to strip all oils, dirt and makeup; apply the mask pieces - one to your face, one to your eyes and one on your neck; remove the clear film; wait 20 minutes then remove mask; apply the cream to help moisturize the skin and brighten it. 

It comes with 4 applications and I have used it twice since purchasing. I can give an honest opinion now and definitely give it a thumbs up. Having sensitive skin, I was skeptical but I have had no issues and can see how my hyperpigmentation is lightening and my skin looks healthy. I ran into my skin care specialist at the store and she even remarked how healthy my face looked. It has a nice smell and doesn't leave my face oily. All good stuff.

Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil from Majestic Pure, All Natural Scrub to Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin, 12 oz

I am beginning to think I am on a quest to try every scrub on the planet so of course I had to try out this Himalyan Scrub with lychee and sweet almond oils. I have salt lamps in my office at work and home so I'm aware of the benefits (negative ions) but in a scrub? Sure, why not. Majestic Pure is known for 100% pure and natural products so no worries about harsh chemicals.

First thing I noticed was the pink color crystals. Love the pink! The 12 ounce jar has an easy to open screw top lid and as soon as you open it, the smell immediately gets you to relax and think spa day. I have been using this for 2 weeks now, daily in the shower, and love how the crystals exfoliate my skin and the botanical oils moisturize and keep my skin soft with a nice light lychee (fruit) smell. For shaving my legs, it is the bomb and it sure keeps my rough areas (knees and elbows) soft. The nutrients and minerals seem to help with my leg cramps at night, too. Never thought of that as a side effect but it's working for me. Would I buy again? Yes, absolutely!

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