Thursday, January 12, 2017

Immersion Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Digital LCD Display, Built In Thermostat & Temperature - Cooks Food Evenly - By Primo Eats

Where to begin with this awesome Sous Vide Cooker? My mother-in-law has been telling me about how easy this was to make perfectly cooked food for years using an immersion cooker and until now, I have been skeptical. This is one of those items once you get, you wonder how you ever did without. 

This Sous Vide cooker was barely delivered before I ripped into it and had it in the pot. I already had two ribeyes I seasoned and had bagged that was ready to be cooked so I decided to try this cooker to see how it worked. It was simple to attach to my large boiling pot, plug in, and set the temperature and time needed on the easy to read large LCD screen and walk away. The cooker quickly heated and circulated the water creating an even temperature environment that aids in the cooking process. I set my timer for 60 minutes at the recommended 130 degrees since it was only a 1" cut on the steaks and went about my business until the hour was up. My husband kept walking by and looking at the pot like it was an alien and was not happy his steaks were boiling in a pot! LOL

Once the time was up, I heated a cast iron skillet, seared the steaks quickly, and we ate. Holy cannoli! The steaks were perfectly cooked (med-rare) and the seasonings had marinated well into the steak creating a mouthwatering dinner. My husband looked incredulous and asked why the heck we had never got one of these before. Uh, because YOUR mom recommended it? ;) Best part was I didn't have to stand over a skillet checking the meat because I am terrified of overcooking it. And, you can leave it in the pot until ready since it is designed to not overcook your foods!

Love this cooker, simple to use and I'm going for pork chops tonight so will report back if anything less than perfection happens. Super happy I caved and got one.

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