Friday, January 20, 2017

Goliath Industry Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader Scan Tool [Upgraded Version] Connects Via WiFi With Any IOS, Android & Windows Device - Features A 3000 Code Database, For Most Cars & Trucks In The USA

I have a husband that loves to work on cars but hate's when he HAS to work on cars because of a mechanical issue. This Goliath OBD2 Car Code reader arrived and he immediately said it wouldn't do the job that a thousand dollar machine would and it was a waste. He was wrong. After persuading him to try it, we downloaded the OBD Car Doctor app, plugged it in and BOOM...easy peasy. We hooked it up to our son's older mustang and codes were popping all over (we knew it had issues). Best thing was, we were able to clear the codes ourselves without having to take it to a shop or dealer. Awesome.

The only downside was if you want to do more than just read and clear, you have to purchase additional features on the app but even then it still is so much less expensive than a trip to the shop. I am thrilled we have something so easy to use now and love watching the hubby eat crow. :)

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