Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bundle Tumble Taurus Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor with One Parent Unit -2.4Ghz Digital Audio Monitor with Convertible Belt Clip For Parent Unit -Includes 2 USB cable & Set of Rechargeable Batteries

Since our first grand baby has arrived and we are uber paranoid about him staying with us (even more so than I was with my own kids!) so we started looking for a simple audio monitor to have at our home for babysitting. This Bundle Tumble unit is one purchase I am extremely glad I made. The set has one monitor you place near the baby and the other is considered the "parent" unit that is super portable and even has a belt clip so Grandpa can be in the workshop and still hear the baby. The units came with rechargeable batteries and 2 USB cables to charge each monitor. The user manual was nice and showed us how to use the night light mode for when we need to light up the room or even quickly take a peak then we can turn it off from the parent remote. I was worried about static but this had none at all and the two way communication makes it nice to soothe baby until we can get our old bones there in person.

It's lightweight and made of durable plastic so a simple drop shouldn't hurt the unit.Pretty darn easy to figure out and use and it fit our needs perfectly. Compared to other brands we saw and tested in the store, the quality and sound on this unit combined with the simplicity made this a win-win for us.

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