Monday, January 9, 2017

Baby Shower Brush Facial Scrubbers Clean Pad Soft Silicone for Massage Blackhead Remove, Hand Hold Easy to Use - Set of 4

When I first got this set of 4 silicone facial scrubbers, my intention was to use place them in my travel bag but since they arrived and I tried one, I can't not use it everyday. The scrubber is made of food grade silicone and has this great design where your fingers slip into a holder making is super easy to gently clean your face with your favorite cleanser. The face of the scrubber has two types of bumps - one that is fine and another set at the bottom for more of a massage. 

What I wasn't counting on is my new grandbaby and how these work perfect on his little scalp for bathtime. The scrubber is soft and gentle and after how well it worked on my face, we decided to try it on his scalp to provide a soft cleaning. Since it was a four pack, I ended up giving my daughter 2 for the baby and keeping 2 for myself. May have to purchase more now that I have shared. :)

Very happy with the gentle cleansing and how simple they are to keep clean by just rinsing and letting them dry naturally.

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