Friday, January 13, 2017

Eagrye 80-Piece Stainless Flatware Set, Service for 16

My flatware was purchased 30 years ago and was given to me as a gift for my wedding so many years and 3 kids later, it has seen better days and for some reason lately, all the spoons have been disappearing so it was time to start searching for a quality set. My requirements were I need a larger set (large family) that is made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe, has a good weight to it, and fits well in my hand. I have brick and mortar shopped for silverware in the past and knew I did not want a flimsy feeling set. I need the set to be solid in my hand but not heavy. 

This Eagrye set contains 80 pieces, service for 16. It includes 16 of each: salad forks, dinner forks, teaspoons, dinner spoons and knifes. Each piece has a nice rose design on the handle and is thicker than the standard sets I have tried without being bulky feeling. The knives are serrated on one side and I like how easily they cut through basic items such as butter. The true test is when they get tossed in the dishwasher. I ran my set through when I received it and again after use this week and they came out looking no different then when I unboxed them. They do come individually wrapped but I would have liked to see them packaged a bit differently instead of all in a regular cardboard box. They are a very well made set and worthy of a bit of nice packaging. :)

The price is outstanding for the quality and amount you get. So, would I buy again? Definitely. I now have no worries about spoons!

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