Sunday, January 22, 2017

Anbers 900 Counts/ 45 Rolls Grey Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser, Unscented

Wow...900 of these will last a long time with my son and his new puppy at his apartment complex. Each roll contains 20 bags that good sized at 9 x 13.8 inches. Perfect for retrieving the "deed" and turning inside out to keep your hand clean. The rolls fit nicely in a cute dog bone dispenser that has a clip you can put on your belt loop. Detaching the bag from the roll takes a bit of strength but the bag itself is a nice thickness so I contribute the not so easy removal to having a thicker grade bag. Opening the bag itself is as simple as rubbing the edge between your fingers and opening it. The only downside was the tape that holds the first bag to the roll is REALLY sticky and rips the first bag if you are not super patient in removal. Not a big enough deal to take away a star but should be noted. I am stoked with this purchase that will get my son down the road quite a few months with a quality "deed" bag.

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