Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lil' Sprouts Hatching Easter Eggs - (4 Pack) ~ Watch Them Grow Overnight by Yagoozon

Super cute little eggs that come in a set of four and contain a chick, frog, bunny, and duck. You submerge the egg in water and they start to slowly crack (took ours a day) and open to reveal the little animal (took 3 days total). If you keep them in water, the animals absorb the water and grow to about 6 inches. They started really small so we were shocked they grew that much! You have to keep the eggs under water so add, if needed, and change the water as well if it gets yucky.  When ours hatched, they weren't the best looking toys. A lot of color was missing off the duck and the bunny had a some color off the face, etc. It's fun for the kids and overall a cute concept. Just don't expect a high end toy at the end. Think sea monkeys. :)

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