Friday, January 27, 2017

Hoont™ Outdoor Hanging Decorative Sparkling Crystals Gazing Ball with Solar Powered Color Changing LED Light – 6 Inch Diameter

This has got to be one of my favorite outdoor lights. The LED lights are beautiful and give off just enough light to provide ambiance and provide a pretty light show. Even when it is just hanging during the day, it looks so pretty. It's made of very durable weatherproof materials and had a cut crystal look to it so the light refracts and casts an amazing look. The size is perfect at 6 inches in diameter and about 27 inches when hanging. Make sure you hang it in full sun to get maximum lighting at night (about 8 hours). I love that it needs no batteries or electricity - you can hang it anywhere and can freely move it as the time changes during the year when you need to capture as much light as possible. It automatically comes on at dusk and off in light so once it is up, you can just sit back and enjoy. Several of my family members have commented how nice it looks out our back window. Hands down a great purchase.

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