Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mira Pack Hydrogel 2-step Masking System for Face Neck Hydrating Skin Brighteners, Anti aging sold by USA ACTIVE

My esthetician typically applies masks for me but since those visits can get pricey, it was time to find something I could do at home with similar results. This cellulose mask is pretty cool. It comes in 3 pieces so you can custom fit it to your face better. It's easy to use - clean your face well with a toner to strip all oils, dirt and makeup; apply the mask pieces - one to your face, one to your eyes and one on your neck; remove the clear film; wait 20 minutes then remove mask; apply the cream to help moisturize the skin and brighten it. 

It comes with 4 applications and I have used it twice since purchasing. I can give an honest opinion now and definitely give it a thumbs up. Having sensitive skin, I was skeptical but I have had no issues and can see how my hyperpigmentation is lightening and my skin looks healthy. I ran into my skin care specialist at the store and she even remarked how healthy my face looked. It has a nice smell and doesn't leave my face oily. All good stuff.

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