Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kekow 6 Gallon Trash Bags, Green, 125 Counts

I recently purchased a 6 gallon trash can for my craft shed and have been looking for a good quality bag to put in it that doesn't cost as much as the store brands when along came these Kekow bags. The roll contains 125 bags in a nice green color that has each bag perforated and easy to tear off. I was pleasantly surprised the bags opened so easily (rub the top between two fingers and it just separates) and at how strong they are. I stuffed all kinds of dried flowers in one yesterday and it didn't tear through the bag at all. Granted, they aren't super thick bags and will tear with the right sharpness but as a regular bag, I think they hold up well. I haven't tested the leakproof statement but have no reason to believe otherwise. I would definitely buy them again and am looking at the smaller sizes for bathroom cans. 

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