Friday, January 27, 2017

Gideon DreamWave Soothing Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light with Built-in Stereo Speakers / (12 LED Bulbs - 3 Colors) Water Wave LED Ceiling Projector for Children - Connects with Any Audio Device

As someone who loves to have spa days, this awesome ocean projector just gave me a relaxing atmosphere at home to have a spa day anytime! The LED projector is simple to use and comes with a regular wall plug adapter, USB adapter or you can use 4 AA batteries (not included). Once it has power, you can choose from 3 colors - Red, Blue or Green - that are bright (you can adjust) and have great variances in their tones. I like setting the timer (it can go up to 60 min) and it has an auto shut-off so you can set it before bed, drift off to sleep, and not worry about it staying on. The light is cool to the touch so no worries about little hands around it, either. 

It really is pretty on the ceiling and walls and makes you feel like you are under the sea in a calm, safe environment. The light has speakers so you can hook in your phone or device and play soothing music as well. Really a great night light/ocean projector/speaker system. Great for anyone that has a hard time decompressing during the day or night and provides a peaceful environment. 

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