Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cast Iron Skillets, Set Of 4 (Pre-seasoned), Including Large & Small Silicone Hot Handle Holders by Crucible Cookware

If you have not cooked with cast iron, you are missing out. I have several pans in different sizes and shapes but have been looking for a nice flat pan set since we tend to do a lot of sandwiches and low fat foods that have less grease to cook on to avoid the typical edges of pans that make it hard to flip during cooking. This set of four pre-seasoned pans that includes 2 pot handles is fabulous. The skillet sizes are 10 inch, 7.9 inch, 6.1 inch and 5.1 inch. They work on any stove, campfire and grill. They each have drain lips on each side of the pan making it easy to quickly remove excess fluid, if needed. I like the smallest pan for a quick egg in the morning and have used the larger pan for panini sandwiches and grilled cheese. The handle holders are nice because if you have ever accidentally grabbed a cast iron handle, you know how hot they can get. The silicone holders significantly reduce the heat but do get very warm so okay for a quick grab but I couldn't hold it for longer than a quick stir. The set comes with an downloadable e-cookbook that has some promising recipes, too. 

Overall, the cast iron was simple to use and oh how the food tastes so much better done this way. I had no issues with food sticking to the pan as it came pre-seasoned plus I oiled it up before using. It heats and cooks very evenly. Make sure you read on how to clean cast iron and re-season should you need to. Very happy with the purchase. 

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