Monday, October 31, 2016

Cute Christmas Leggings for Super Cheap $6.99 inc Shipping and 3 Different Styles

I ordered these a size larger than normal just due to description. Love the patterns! Casual Women Lady Skinny Christmas Tree Print Stretchy Pants Slim Leggings NOTE: Please compare the detail sizes with yours before you buy!!! Use similar clothing to compare with the size. Specifications: 100% brand new and high quality. Gender:Women Material:Polyester Clothing Length:Regular Pattern Type:Print Sleeve Style:Regular Style:Fashion Package include:1PC Leggings

Friday, October 28, 2016

Stretch Maternity Leggings Seamless Solid Color Nursing Clothes Sold by Shop Pretty Girl

Ever have one of those days where you want to just pull on something comfy and relax under a blanket and watch movies? Well, these leggings are PERFECT for those times. While I am not pregnant, I found these fit me with no issues and look super cute. I ordered oen with rouching on the side legs and they look good enough to wear out with a cute sweater. My daughter is 8 months pregnant and while I originally got these for her, I am keeping them! I am looking at purchasing the other styles as well. Easy to wash in warm and let air dry, too. 

I received these at a discount and decided to blog about them since I liked them so well. 

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Stretch Maternity Leggings Seamless Solid Color Nursing Clothes Tights

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beard Garden- The Ultimate Beard, Hair and Mustache Supplement. All-Natural Ingredients That Work! Quickly and Naturally Grow A Thicker, Fuller Beard and Mustache. The BEST Beard Vitamin Supplement By Organic Trace

First, don't think you will see immediate results with this. I got this for my son who has complained for a year his beard is patchy and his hair thin. He took it as directed for 2 weeks then noticed his beard felt softer and by week 4, definitely had a thicker and softer beard. The patches are filling in nicely and his hair added a lot of growth for a month. His hair stylist joked it grew a full inch and he had lots of new growth. The biotin in this product combined with the other natural ingredients really is mixed well and promotes healthy hair growth. My son also wants it known his skin has cleared up and his fingernails had noticeable growth but more importantly, the nail was thicker. He has thin nails so this is a bonus to him.

Great product that works very well and has a nice combination of ingredients. We will be purchasing more bottles for sure.

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iYonch Reusable Silicone Collapsible Sports Water Bottle,750mL/26floz BPA Free FDA approved Foldable Leakproof Drinking Water Canteen for Camping Hiking Outdoors Running Yoga Gym Traveling

This collapsible sports bottle but iYonch is excellent for hiking, camping or travel. It's crazy that 26oz of fluid fits in this bottle when unfolded because you see it rolled up to save space and it just doesn't seem possible but it is! It has a great hook so you can attach to a carabiner for activity and the BPA Free FDA approved food grade silicone is durable and safe. The top easily unscrews to fill with your choice of liquid and truly is leakproof as was evident as my sons tossed it all over the house. Great design, too. At $9.99 and lots of color choices, I would recommend as a gift, too! I received this bottle free for testing purposes. My opinion, good and/or bad, is my own. I chose to provide my opinion to help you in your purchase decision.

My likes are:
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean (I hand washed)
  • Non-toxic and safe for use
  • Water stayed cold for over 2 hours
What I didn't care for:
  • Doesn't stand up well if not very full

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Women Crew Socks Patterned Cotton Lady Socks,Striped,Polka Dot 6 Pack

This very cute set of 6 women's crew socks are super comfy and stretch to fit perfectly.  The sock sets are packaged in 2 packs of 3 so you can give 2 gifts in the set or split them all for great stocking stuffers!! The patterns are trendy and I've had lots of comments on how they look. I have washed my set and make sure you follow directions and was in cold separately the first time. After that, I had no issues. For $10.49 and free prime shipping, you cannot go wrong. 

I received these free to test and decided to leave my opinion on my own free will, good or bad.

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Dim Diindoylmethane Enhance Estrogen Balance - Hormone Director - Estrogen Blocker Reducer - Testosterone Enhances Muscle Definition

I cannot believe how after only 2 weeks, I feel much more balanced during the day and during my cycle, hardly any cramping and tenderness. I hope this lasts! Definitely worth exploring if I can get these results regularly.

I purchased this at a discount but decided to provide my opinion, good or bad, after trying the product.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Majestic Pure Makeup Remover for Eye and Face, Skin Cleanser, Lavender Micellar Water, 8 Fluid Ounce

I am typically a fan of Majestic Pure's skin care line having purchased several of their items in the past so when I saw this eye make-up remover, I wanted to try it. The remover contains alcohol so I was a bit bummed about that and also that the lavender was fragrance only but I have to say, it does work well. I have sensitive skin and I had no burning, redness or drying out of my skin that typical eye make-up removers do to me. The bottle is pump action and good to use with a cotton pad for easily soaking and removal. For an 8 ounce bottle, it is an awesome price at $10.50 and does a great job removing my eyeliner and mascara. It's also touted as a skin cleanser and whole face make-up remover but I only wear eye make-up so can't comment on performance there. If you are looking for a good remover for your eyes, I do recommend. 

I received this at a discount for testing purposes and my opinion, good or bad, is my own.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

4DBlocks - Play it , Love it! - Magnetic Building Block Set - 40 Pieces - Promotes Creativity, Imagination & Brain Development - The Best Combination Of Recreation & Education For Children (Toy)

I purchased this 4D Block set for my 7 year old nephew so he would have something fun to do at my house when he comes to visit. The set has 40 pieces and provides him the ability to be super creative and build, build and BUILD. As soon as I showed them to him, he took it into the living room and didn't surface for 45 minutes and then it was only to show us his "rocket" he built. Over the next few hours, he built several more fun things and when done, hid the box so his cousins wouldn't find it. LOL. They are very easy to use and the magnetic pieces help build and rebuild items quickly. I loved watching him use his hand/eye coordination so thoughtfully and it really opened his already active imagination constructively. Great purchase and I plan on adding more sets for Christmas and birthday gifts.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sol Wellness Himalayan Salt Lamp - Best Premium Quality Natural Pink Salt Glow Light With Bulb And Dimmer - Handcrafted with Wood Base & Adjustable Brightness Control - 6" to 11" 6lbs to 11lbs

This is my 3rd salt lamp purchase and my first from Sol Wellness. If you haven't tried a lamp in your bedroom, you should. I swear I sleep much better with mine so I purchased this for the living room so all can benefit from the benefits and provide relief to my crew of allergy and asthma sufferers. The uniqueness of the salt lamp is gorgeous and you can adjust the glow of the lamp so I dim it at night and then turn it up in the morning. It is a great conversation piece, fits in to any decor and has such great health benefits, everyone should have these. I even keep one in my office at work to help purify the air. 

Only reason I removed a star was the packaging was sub par. The box looked like it had been wet and then dried and was barely together but fortunately, the shrink wrap around the lamp protected it well.

To read more information or to purchase, click here.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Double Sided Flea Comb by Hertzko - Densely Packed Pins Removes Fleas, Flea Eggs, and Debris, and the Wider Spaced Pins Detangles and Loosens Dead Undercoat - Suitable For Dogs And Cats

This stainless steel tooth pet comb does an excellent job of removing the undercoat on my lab when she is shedding. The wide tooth side easily glides through her fur while the more narrow side grabs the shedding undercoat and removes it from her coat. It is marketed as a flea/egg remover and should my dog get fleas, should work well since it does a great job on her thick undercoat. The comb is made from durable heavy plastic and fits great in my hand. Easy to use and very effective. I highly recommend as a simple yet functional pet comb. 

Brilliant & Mo Sleeping Little Fairy Statue On Crackle Glass Ball Solar Light

Solar lights are an obsession for me and this little fairy is a super cute addition to my yard. It stands about 8 1/2 inches tall so perfect to add to a table top or potted plant. The resin material is durable and will withstand the weather well, too. The solar panel is located on the backside so be sure to face her appropriately so she can charge all day and light up all night. When on, she transitions between 4 different colors in a crackled glass globe and her wings stay lit in a nice soft glow. It really does accent an area nicely and quickly has become a favorite for me. Very simple to use and provides hours of viewing pleasure.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Majestic Pure Palmarosa Essential Oil, Pure 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade, 1 Fluid Ounce

Great product at a great price! I love the smell and it works great to keep the flies and mosquitoes away when put in a diffuser!

For more information, click here.

 Majestic Pure Palmarosa Essential Oil, Pure 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade, 1 Fluid Ounce

100% Natural Organic Krill Oil 1000mg Supplement - MEGA CUSTOM FORMULA MADE IN USA

I typically do a fish oil supplement but I have to rave about this 100% natural Nutrifect Krill Oil. The Omega 3 and 6 balance is working superbly for my bum knee and thrashed wrists from sports. The bottle contains 60 soft gels that should last me 30 days taking two a day. Each pill contains 500 mg of natural krill oil so dose is 1000 mg daily. Very nice!

They go down easy and no nasty burps like other products I've tried. I've been on these for 10 days and around day 3, it was that time of the month and boy, these really kicked my normal grumpiness. It's the only supplement I am taking right now so I have to attribute it to the oil. Seemed like a bonus considering the way my knee and wrist were the first things I noticed this helps. Made in the USA at a certified GMP facility is HUGE to me, too.

Can't wait to see what 30 full days does. For now, I recommend it as a great supplement and the price at $16.99 is cheap for feeling this good.

For more information or to order, click here.

100% Natural Organic Krill Oil 1000mg Supplement - MEGA CUSTOM FORMULA MADE IN USA

Monday, October 17, 2016

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets - HIGHEST QUALITY Ultra Soft 4 Piece Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bed Sheets - Hypoallergenic and Wrinkle Free (Queen, Purple)

We just upgraded my son's bed to Queen so of course, we had to look for new sheets. Bamboo material is the rage right now with how soft and durable they are so when offered these sheets to test, I was intrigued. The set ordered contains a 4 pc set which includes: one flat and one fitted sheet, and 2 pillow cases.

They arrived and I immediately opened them to get them washed and was amazed at how soft they were. They are 40% bamboo and 60% brushed microfiber so you can imagine how awesome they are. At my son't request,  I ordered a deep purple (Ravens fan) and the color is rich and bold. I washed in warm and tumble dried on low and had little wrinkles when done and no shrinkage. The seams all stayed stitched well, too. The pockets fit perfect on my corners and after a week, he hasn't pulled any of them up with his wild sleep habits. The material is thinner than other sheets but we like ours that way since most of my family sleeps hot. Still, they are very comfortable and soft. For the set at $29.99, great price, too!

I purchased this sheet set at a discount because I needed sheets and to test the product at the same time. I rely on honest opinions of products for my own purchase decisions so do the same. I hope it helps you in making your purchase decision. #Topnotchtester #ad

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Set of 10 Blue Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitations - All Wording Customized - Boy Baby Shower Offered by RSVP Custom Creations

These arrived very quickly! The paper is a thicker bond so makes it easy to slip inside the envelopes for mailing. The font is really cute and printing is done well with no fades. I like how the seller contacted me quickly with a proof to view and approve. It made the experience very easy and my daughter's Mickey themed shower has started off right. I can't wait for her to see these! Very easy ordering experience, excellent price and I would recommend this seller for other products.

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Pet Bath & Massage Brush by Hertzko - Great Grooming Tool for Shampooing and Massaging Dogs and Cats with Short or Long Hair - Soft Rubber Bristles Gently Removes Loose & Shed Fur from your Pet's Coat

My Labrador Retrievers are constantly shedding and this Hertzko bath and massage brush is great for taking in the tub with them and getting their loose undercoat off. Nothing is more frustrating then bathing the dogs then drying them with a towel that then gets covered in hair because it didn't rinse out but not any longer. With this handy tool, you can scrub the shampoo deep to the skin and it loosens the fur gently without harsh bristles like other brushes. The handle is comfortable and slip resistant and it's super easy to clean. Simply run it under water and everything slides right off. Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so at $13.99 and free Prime shipping, you can't go wrong!!

Click here for more info or to purchase.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Electric Pet Nail Grinder by Hertzko - For Gentle and Painless Paws Grooming, Trimming, Shaping, and Smoothing for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Birds - Portable & Rechargeable, Includes USB Wire

Do you have a dog like mine that hates to have their nails trimmed? Well, your solution is found! I tried this Hertzko nail grinder on my yellow labs that hide every time I bring out the clippers but with this quiet grinder, it was no big deal. The top has 2 different openings so you can use them for either smaller shaping or heavier grinding. It arrived fully charged and when I turned it on, it is very quiet and even when grinding, the sound is minimal so it doesn't scare them. It is rechargeable by using an enclosed micro USB cord and plugging into a computer or wall adapter or charging port. I like how compact it is and easy to hold. The off/on button is a simple slide and the top has a plastic cover to protect the grinder wheels. For simple shaping and minimal nail grinding, it works well. For my older dog that has longer nails, you still need to clip them then grind to shape. I do wish it had a bit more power for her nails since they are longer and she hates the clipping but otherwise, it works great on the other dog that just needs the shaping and minimal trimming. 

Recommendation: Good purchase for small animals and all sizes/animal nail shaping.

I received this at a discount to test. My opinion, good or bad, is my own. I provide my honest opinion in an effort to help others in their purchase decisions. #ad #topnotchtesters

NigDragon 3D Night Light Touch Table Desk Lamps, Elstey 7 Color Changing Lights with Acrylic Flat & ABS Base & USB Charger

I got this super cool Elstey 3D light for my nephew's birthday. It arrives packaged nicely in a box with foam inserts to protect the acrylic drawing. Assembly was easy; simply insert the acrylic design in the base, remove the protective film, plug in the USB adapter to the base and then a USB wall adapter. the power button is on/off and each time you hit it, you can either change the color or get to light rotation where it automatically cycles through the  7 colors. My dragon stands about 5.6 inches tall plus the base. My nephew LOVED it and it sits on his desk at night serving as a night light. Great purchase as a gift for someone and with the holidays coming, I would recommend as a gift for someone that has everything. There are LOTS of cool styles. 

I received this free for testing purposes but my review is my opinion good or bad. I provide my opinion to help others in making their own purchase decisions. 

To see other styles and to purchase, click here.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Shibari Mini Halo Multi-speed Magic Wand, Wireless, Massager

After 3 back surgeries and a neck fusion, my husband has chronic pain and when the muscles cramp up in those areas, it becomes my job to apply heat and counter pressure to relieve his discomfort so when I saw this Shibari wireless massager, I thought we would give it a try. First, the product is USB rechargeable to simple to keep fully operational. It has 20 different pulsations to keep the blood moving and the muscles active. It's small, lightweight and compact at 8.5 x 1.6 inches so easy for him to hold where he needs it reaching around to his lower back and up around his fusion area on the neck. I have bought the larger double head massagers for him to try and they all become heavy and cumbersome after a minute or two so the weight on this rocks. It is also water resistant so no issues with using it with a topic pain reliever or muscle relaxer. The only thing I wish it had was heat to penetrate deeper but it does a great job and is very portable. Sure, it can be used for MULTIPLE reasons, but my purchased was for the reason above :)

Overall, happy with the purchase and would buy again.

I received this at a discount. However, this is my honest opinion of the product - good or bad. The intention is to help others in making their purchase decisions based on my own experience. #ad, #topnotchtesters

For more information or to purchase, click here:

Shibari Mini Halo 20x, Multi-speed Magic Wand, Wireless, Power Wand Massager (Black)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

iPhone Charger Cord, LAX 6ft Long Apple MFi Certified Fast and Strong Braided Lightning Cable for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6 / SE / iPad Air 2 / Air / Mini 4 / Pro - Blue/Red

iPhone charges are a premium in my house and who doesn't get tired of looking for a charger cord that the kids haven't completely destroyed? For me, I wanted a durable cord that provided me with easy sync capability the FIRST time I plug it in. NOT after having to take it in and out, rinse repeat...ugh.

This charger cord by LAX Gadgets rocked my needs immediately. The cord is 6 foot long. Yes, 6 frigging feet! That means I can use a wall charger near the floor and have my phone nicely charging on a safe table with no problems. The strong nylon braided cable (mine in red/blue) protects the cord from kinking, and normal wear and tear stress from plugging in the wall and phone not to mention when my dog runs by and clips the cord and I'm yelling, "NOOOOO."

The connector is a slim size so it easily fit in my iPhone 5c, 5s, 6s and iPad Air 2. Every time I connect it, it immediately syncs/charges with no issues whatsoever. The cord is Apple MFi certified so it is compatible with ALL APPLE PRODUCTS that came with an original supplied cable. 

Best part for me was in using it. I connect my phone to my PC every evening to do my blogs and social shares so uploading pictures quickly is critical and this charger pops them over in no time. Love, love, love it and will be purchasing more for stocking stuffers this year to keep the kids and hubby from trying to "appropriate" mine. Only wish it came in a cute rose gold/pink. For $12.88 and free same day shipping with Prime, you can't go wrong.

I receive this cable at a discount for testing purposes. This is my opinion of the product, good or bad, to help you in your purchase decision.

For more information or to purchase, click here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Emmzoe Wooden Photo Blocks Baby Growth Development Wood Portrait Prop (Days, Weeks, Months, Years)

Emmzoe did an amazing job in constructing these cute pinewood photo blocks. The set contains 3 blocks - 2 square with numbers to make any combination from 0-32 and 1 rectangle that has days, weeks, months and years on it. The pine is solid and natural with pastel colored non-toxic paint and ink used to keep children from harm. The square blocks measure 3 inches by 3 inches and the rectangle is 6 inches by 3 inches. They look adorable stacked as appropriate to identify a child's age for unique and creative photo opportunities. I purchased these for my grandson due to arrive in January so my daughter can immediately use them for his age progression/milestone photos but she is now using the blocks for countdown photos until he is born! Very unique baby shower gift, too. At $26.99, this is a great purchase that can be used indefinitely and will become a generational item since it will last longer than me. :)

I received this product free. This is my honest opinion of the product and I was no obligated to provide it. Since I recommend the product, I provided my opinion to help others with their purchase decision.

For more information or to purchase, click here.

Majestic Pure Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil, Natural Foot & Body Wash, 9 oz - Helps with Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Ringworms, Jock Itch & Body Odor

As someone whose husband works outside all day long, I have been looking for a natural product that reduces his risk of infections by removing harmful bacteria he may pick up during the day. This Majestic Pure Anti-Fungal Wash has been tested now for a week using it daily and it has now become a must in our home. It comes with a great pump so you can use it in the shower or just by the sink. The scent is light and not feminine or manly so perfect for both genders. There are no chemicals, parabens or artificial colors and the main ingredients are awesome oils such as coconut, cranberry, pomegranate and tea tree. You use it like any other body wash or soap - apply and rinse. It leaves your skin feeling amazing - that was my surprise! It's naturally anti-fungal so huge plus for my husband who has sensitive skin. The product description on the bottle includes that it defends against fungus, bacteria and yeast from the skin as well as eliminates body odor, athletes foot, ringworm, jock itch, toenail fungus, acne an yeast as well. I can tell you we are very happy with the product and my husband has typical athletes foot from being in wet boots all day and this wash has certainly helped heal it faster and hopefully with no recurrences. Highly recommend if you have an athlete or someone who works in public areas that are susceptible to exposure to bacteria or fungus.

I receive this product at a discount to test. My opinion is definitely my own I decided to share to help others in their purchase decision. At $10.50 for 9 ounces, it's a great buy.

Majestic Pure Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil, Natural Foot & Body Wash, 9 oz - Helps with Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Ringworms, Jock Itch & Body Odor