Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beard Garden- The Ultimate Beard, Hair and Mustache Supplement. All-Natural Ingredients That Work! Quickly and Naturally Grow A Thicker, Fuller Beard and Mustache. The BEST Beard Vitamin Supplement By Organic Trace

First, don't think you will see immediate results with this. I got this for my son who has complained for a year his beard is patchy and his hair thin. He took it as directed for 2 weeks then noticed his beard felt softer and by week 4, definitely had a thicker and softer beard. The patches are filling in nicely and his hair added a lot of growth for a month. His hair stylist joked it grew a full inch and he had lots of new growth. The biotin in this product combined with the other natural ingredients really is mixed well and promotes healthy hair growth. My son also wants it known his skin has cleared up and his fingernails had noticeable growth but more importantly, the nail was thicker. He has thin nails so this is a bonus to him.

Great product that works very well and has a nice combination of ingredients. We will be purchasing more bottles for sure.

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