Monday, October 10, 2016

SpaceSaver Premium *JUMBO* Vacuum Storage Bags (Works With Any Vacuum Cleaner + FREE Hand-Pump for Travel!) Double-Zip Seal and Triple Seal Turbo-Valve for 80% More Compression! (6 Pack)

Switching my wardrobe during the seasonal changes are problematic in my house since I usually toss them in tubs that take up tons of space but not anymore. These great 40 x 30 inch SpaceSaver storage bags are made of high quality plastic/vinyl material that comes with a lifetime guarantee. The bags arrived with a hand pump but using a vacuum makes the process quick and easy. Before you turn the suction on, make sure you have the zippered seal closed and the hose securely in the nozzle. Within seconds, you have what would have been an entire tub of clothes in a flat bag that can be tucked on a shelf or under a bed. The cap has a closing home on is and stays nice and tight. The bags are a great size and you get 6 in the package for this price! I paid that for 2 stupid tubs! Besides, these are mildew, bug and mold free and even waterproof. Seriously a good deal and an excellent way to store items. I got this item free, however, this is my opinion of the product and mine only.

You can get your own here!

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