Sunday, October 23, 2016

4DBlocks - Play it , Love it! - Magnetic Building Block Set - 40 Pieces - Promotes Creativity, Imagination & Brain Development - The Best Combination Of Recreation & Education For Children (Toy)

I purchased this 4D Block set for my 7 year old nephew so he would have something fun to do at my house when he comes to visit. The set has 40 pieces and provides him the ability to be super creative and build, build and BUILD. As soon as I showed them to him, he took it into the living room and didn't surface for 45 minutes and then it was only to show us his "rocket" he built. Over the next few hours, he built several more fun things and when done, hid the box so his cousins wouldn't find it. LOL. They are very easy to use and the magnetic pieces help build and rebuild items quickly. I loved watching him use his hand/eye coordination so thoughtfully and it really opened his already active imagination constructively. Great purchase and I plan on adding more sets for Christmas and birthday gifts.

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