Monday, October 24, 2016

Majestic Pure Makeup Remover for Eye and Face, Skin Cleanser, Lavender Micellar Water, 8 Fluid Ounce

I am typically a fan of Majestic Pure's skin care line having purchased several of their items in the past so when I saw this eye make-up remover, I wanted to try it. The remover contains alcohol so I was a bit bummed about that and also that the lavender was fragrance only but I have to say, it does work well. I have sensitive skin and I had no burning, redness or drying out of my skin that typical eye make-up removers do to me. The bottle is pump action and good to use with a cotton pad for easily soaking and removal. For an 8 ounce bottle, it is an awesome price at $10.50 and does a great job removing my eyeliner and mascara. It's also touted as a skin cleanser and whole face make-up remover but I only wear eye make-up so can't comment on performance there. If you are looking for a good remover for your eyes, I do recommend. 

I received this at a discount for testing purposes and my opinion, good or bad, is my own.

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