Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale with Weight and Height Change Detection from Ozeri

With my new grandbaby coming in January, I am obsessed with everything baby so this Ozeri scale that measures both height and weight AND head circumference is an awesome addition to my stash. The scale is pretty darn precise and weighs baby from 1 ounce to 55 pounds. You can even weigh all the neighbor kids with this scale since it has a built in memory that can recall up to 8 babies/toddlers. Directions were easy to read and I would have preferred to have the print a bit bigger, but hey, I’m old.

In testing, we used our bird (yes, all we had that small) and even with him walking all over, it grabbed an accurate weight over and over by using the handy dandy hold button. It quickly switches between height (cm to inches) to weight (oz/kg/pounds) with a simple click. This scale even subtracts additional items such as clothing, diaper or things loaded in the diaper. Enough said. :)

The scale takes 4 AAA batteries that are included, thank goodness, and has a great LCD screen for viewing. A nice bonus is the measuring tape for head circumference so we can brag at how big our grandbabies brain is and simple growth charts designed with age and gender in mind.  I found it simple to use, very effective and I know dang well I will want to be measuring this baby every day so feeds my soon to be unhealthy obsession with everything he is doing. 

I received this scale free and decided to review based on my honest opinion of what I liked or didn’t like to help others in their purchase decisions.

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Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale with Weight and Height Change Detection

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