Thursday, October 6, 2016

Smart band, Step Tracker, Pedometer Smart Bracelet Fitness Activity Tracker/ Sleep Monitor,Calories Track Sweatproof Bluetooth Health Fitness Band for iPhone & Android phones Black

On my annual 365 day quest to get fit that I never seem to fully commit to, I thought a smart (fit) band would be awesome so when the opportunity appeared to test one out, I happily obliged. First, the look of the smart band by Eiisn is stylish, trendy and unobtrusive. It has the features I was looking for: pedometer, sleep monitor, sitting too long reminder and calories burned. What is also included was Caller ID, Camera remote control and music remote control, and messages received. I have an iPhone and was able to download the app easy enough and set it up for my preferences then pair and sync the band successfully.

Second, the directions are okay. Not something I would hope to rely on but simple broken English to get you set up okay. After inputting your personal items (height, weight, etc), the band calibrates with the app to track your items. It takes a bit of playing with it to get it to set up off military time but explore it a bit and you will figure it out.

What I like - the band is comfortable, has good features, comes with 2 chargers (1 for home and the other, work) and is easy to read. What I didn't like is the band pops off all the time because it doesn't have a loop to hold it in place. It just pops into 2 holes and "hooks" but comes apart pretty easy so something to slip the band into (think loop like a belt) would be good and I don't want to know my steps in kilometers. I am trying to figure out how to get it on miles instead but no such luck.

Overall, I use the pedometer, calories burned, alarm for waking me up, messages received and general time and date frequently so I am happy with the product and would recommend based on simplicity and price.

I received this smart band free as a product tester and my opinion is my own. My goal is to educate others about products and to help aid them in their own purchase decisions.

Check it out here!!

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  1. Can I use this app with my Iphone. I don't like to bring other gadget aside from my phone, if only a watch or bracelet it is fine for me but the apps directly install on it not from my phone then bluetooth.