Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blue Faux Leather Laptop Lap Desk Of Extra Large Size by Ruin Exchange

At roughly 22 inches by 15 inches, this very well made laptop desk sold by Ruin Exchange is the perfect size for a larger laptop (mine is a 17 inch) and my mouse with room still left over. The blue faux leather is a very nice durable material and my mouse works incredibly well over the surface. The look of the desk is stylish and trendy and it even has an elastic band that runs across the top left side to hold papers, pencils or pens. It sits very comfortable across my lap allowing the laptop to sit at a great height for typing. The bottom has a nice detachable cushion that keeps the desk up off your legs and allows air circulation as well. I am very happy with the desk and its functionality and would recommend it to others who are on the computer on a couch like me.


While I received this laptop desk free, my opinion of the product is my own and I am under no obligation to leave it. I tested the product and therefore, took my time to provide feedback on what I liked/didn't like.

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