Tuesday, November 29, 2016

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Body Scrub 12 oz with Organic Ingredients – Best for Stretch Marks , Acne , Anti Cellulite & Spider Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins by New York Biology

Trying another Arabica Coffee Scrub and came across this one by New York Biology. The smell is so good; like a morning cup of coffee but the scrub itself is the main winner. This scrub contains Vitamins A, E and D and multiple types of oils infused into dead sea salt that leaves your skin soft and moisturized. The caffeine in the coffee acts as a stimulant and helps improve blood flow to problem areas like varicose veins. 

I personally love how it exfoliates and moisturizes my skin at the same time. Using it every morning, I feel the difference in how soft they are along with stimulating my senses with the great smell of coffee. Love, love, love this scrub and it's made in the USA at a GMP certified facility so high on my list of repurchases.

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Glass Olive Oil Mister & Salad Oil Sprayer For Healthy Cooking With Oils, Vinegars. Aerosol Free Pump Oil Dispenser by Simply Better Products With A Bonus Guide to Cooking with Seasonings (White)

If you haven't tried cooking with a salad sprayer, you are missing out. This Simply Better mister is made with a glass base to hold your oils/vinegar/juice with a food grade plastic pump top and misting mechanism. The glass has a fill line on it to ensure you leave enough air in the bottle to build pressure for a mist to occur. It's simple to use - pump the top until enough pressure builds then spray. The mist is consistent and allows you to coat a pan/dish quickly and evenly.

Mine is filled with olive oil and I love how with a couple of quick pumps, I can cook healthier on the BBQ and in the kitchen. So much better than drowning my foods in oil. 

Definitely a must have kitchen product and I am kicking myself for waiting so long to get one. The E-Book that comes with it is a nice bonus with some great tips on how to season your foods to get maximum taste.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Lalapao 200 LED Fairy Christmas Lighting Decor Battery Operated String Lights with 5 Modes Optional Automatic Timer For Outdoor, Indoor, Garden, Patio, Home, Bedroom Decorations (Multi Color)

This battery operated LED light set is great for indoor and outdoor lighting and includes an automatic timer so they can shut off (after setting to 6 hours, 12 hours, etc) and save battery use. The lights are super pretty and look great on my entryway plants. The lights even have 5 modes so you can flash them, keep them steady, have waves, etc and change up the look anytime. It takes 3 D cell batteries to operate but I have had them on continually for 2 weeks and they are going strong. I also like how the control box is waterproof so no worries about the weather. With 200 lights in this set and 72 feet of string, this set did an entire 40 foot section in my entry with no problem in coverage. Great purchase at a great price!

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Marswell Solar Outdoor Spotlight,Adjustable, Directional, Easy Wireless Display Solar Christmas Street Lighting, Multi-colored Star Projector Show for Holiday Landscape Garden Decoration

Adding to my solar light addiction is this awesome Marswell spotlight. It adjusts 360 degrees and the solar panel also adjusts up to 180 degrees so you can angle it to get maximum sunlight during the day for charging. Its weather resistant and waterproof so it is holding up fabulously in our California winter so far. I love how once charged, it turns on at dusk and slowly fades into different colors illuminating my plants. I have it currently staked into the ground with the light shining up into one of my fruit trees giving it a beautiful glow in different colors (red, blue, green and yellow) all night long. 

My spotlight came charged but I did have it out most of the day before it came on and it lasts at least 8 hours on a full charge. Great part is if I want to move it to light up another area, I simply pull up the stake and move. Easiest lighting I own by far and the one I get the most compliments on. 

Awesome spotlight that is so easy to use and provides hours of excellent landscape lighting. At $15.99, it is a steal compared to the prices I have seen at my local gardening stores for the same product.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pack of 12 Mickey Mouse Ears & Minnie Mouse Headband with Red, Pink and Rose Polka Dot Bow

We are planning a surprise trip to Disneyland next month with my niece and nephew and I have been looking at Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears to decorate when I was given the opportunity to purchase these by Inizio. The set of 12 comes with 6 plain velvet ears on a headband and 6 plush ears in 3 different bow colors (2 pink, 2 rose and 2 red). The headbands are soft and do not irritate my ears when wearing them for extended periods of time. They are perfect for my plans of adding rhinestones to the girls and then decorating in different themes or lands of the parks for each day we are there and with 12 in the pack, there is enough for everyone!

Materials are of good quality and each of my set of ears are secured well to the headband. I definitely recommend these for any Disney party or planned trip as a fun alternative to purchasing over priced park merchandise. 

Solar Christmas String Lights,EasyDecor 30 LED Ball 21ft Multi-color 8Mode Waterproof Decorative Globe for Thanksgiving,Indoor,Outdoor,Party,Wedding,Patio,Garden Decoration,Holiday,Xmas Tree,Bistro

As a solar light junkie, I am in love with these 1 inch in diameter LED globe lights. The strand is 21 foot long and has 30 globe lights on a dark green wire. The strand is attached to a waterproof solar panel with a button that has 8 modes with a memory function that allows the lights to return to however you set it the day before when it comes on. My set is multi-color which means 4 colors total rotating through every other bulb. Each bulb does not change color as you may think so thought I should put this in the review.

I do like how they charge all day and can go about 8 hour at night. They come on when it turns dusk and once the charge runs out, they slow fade out.  They are perfect for your patio plants, bushes or even on a fence. The globes are crackled glass and look lovely when lit. 

Each set does come with a stake to attack the solar panel to that can be angled toward the sun, 2 screws to mount the stake and solar panel to a wall instead of staking in the ground and a manual. They also come with a guarantee so if you have any issues, the seller asks to contact them so they can make it right.

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Emmzoe Insulated Baby Bottle Cooler Tote Bag with Top Compartment, Back Pockets, and Adjustable Stroller Straps by Emmzoe

This insulated bottle cooler by Emmzoe is perfect for my holding bottles for my new grandbaby. It has two insulated zippered compartments - one for smaller items like pacifiers, bottle tops and/or extra nipples and the other for bottles. It measures approximately 9 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches so holds tall and short bottles easily.  When testing, we found the bag holds two tall 9 ounce bottles or 3 short Tommee Tippee bottles comfortably.  The bag also has a detachable adjustable strap that allows you to clip it to a stroller or even the outside of the diaper bag for extra room. 

The outside is made of nylon and is washable. We tested surface cleaning it with a wet cloth and had no issues. 

Best part of the bag is that its easy to store, lightweight, very functional and made of high quality materials. Definitely a must have for any new mom.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jusfitsu Women's Turtleneck Long Sleeve Slim Fit Knit Pullover Sweater Dress Burgundy XL

I purchased this turtleneck sweater dress to wear with leggings this winter and am super happy with the quality. The stitching is done well and the material is very soft and knitted well. The fabric is in a cable knit pattern, lightweight and since mine had no tag, I am going to assume 100% polyester. Regardless of material, it is comfortable to wear and definitely is a slim-fit design. I purchased an XL and wear a size 12 and it hugs the curves. Add a cute belt or wear it alone - I have worn it both ways and had numerous compliments. The length is perfect as it falls just about mid-thigh on me and I am 5'8. I washed separately due to color and laid flat to dry so it didn't shrink. If it does, it would be too tight to wear.

Overall, I am very pleased with this and the quality is there I would feel good purchasing it as a gift for someone this holiday.

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Mental Refreshment: 100% Pure Resveratrol - Heart Health, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging (1 Bottle) by Mental Refreshment Nutrition

After a recent doctor visit, Resveratrol was recommended for an overall healthy regemine for my husband and I. Each capsule contains 1000 mg of polyphenol typically found in the skin of grapes, berries and other plants. It's like a a healthy dose of red wine in a capsule. Taking it 2 times a day, the antioxidants help promote a healthy heart and reduce inflammation and help with joint pain. For us, we notice a difference in our stress levels and how our sleep habits have become regular with us even waking up and feeling refreshed. As a supplement, this is by far a very important one for us with very noticeable differences in only 16 days. Made in the USA at a GMP certified facility with a 100% money back guarantee is only a bonus to an already winner product. Check it out for yourself. 

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Mental Refreshment: 100% Pure Resveratrol - Heart Health, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging (1 Bottle)

Flora Renew® Probiotics 7x Stronger with 34.7 Billion CFU, 14 Unique Strains + Acidophilus DDS-1® per Easy to Swallow Capsule, #1 Best Probiotic Supplement Perfect for Adults... by OmniBiotics

So far so good after 2 weeks of using these great probiotics. My family tends to have digestive imbalances regularly so probiotics are a must in our house. These Flora Renew by Omni Biotics contain a whopping 34.7 BILLION CFU + 14 LIVE STRAINS per capsule. I have been taking 1 capsule 2x a day and have had no sensitivity to taking them and my stomach has been in balance. They are made in the USA at a GMP certified facility so that is a huge bonus for me when looking for a good supplement. They also come with a 100% lifetime guarantee so no risk at all. They are working well for my group so definitely will be purchasing more in the future. 

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Moroccan Organic Argan Oil For Hair, Skin, Face, Nails, Cuticles & Beard 4 fl. oz. - Best Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Triple Extra Virgin & Cold Pressed Moisturizer by First Botany Cosmeceuticals

If you haven't tried Argan Oil for taming frizzy hair and giving it great shine, you are missing out. I purchased this First Botany Moroccan Organic Argan Oil originally to keep my crazy hair from frizzing and to restore some shine since it is color treated and now I am using it for so much more.

For my hair, I added several drops to my shampoo and it works perfectly. If I am going to blow dry my hair or use a straightener, I rub a few drops into my palms and run them through the ends of my hair to keep it from drying the ends out. I also discovered how it softens my cuticles crazy good. I used to get hang nails all the time and after using this for a solid 2 weeks, I can say I maybe have had one. My elbows are loving this oil as well. I have always had dry elbows but this is amazing with how soft it keeps them without feeling greasy like a lotion tends to.

Great product that has so many uses since it is a carrier oil with little, if any scent. Add it to your moisturizer for your face, too! I'm adding this to one of my favorite products list. 

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Innovo 2016 Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer - Improved Accuracy with Updated In-House Clinical Data and Proprietary Software Upgrade - CE and FDA Approved by Innovo

Finally, an easy to use dual purpose thermometer that takes quick accurate readings. The Innovo can be used in the ear or on the forehead utilizing infrared technology and has a great LCD screen that is easy to read. I looked over the instructions but really, this is super easy to use. F1 is your forehead and F2 is for your eardrum. It comes with a nice stand and even has memory recall so you can go back and see what your last readings are. Good for when you are babysitting the grandbaby and your daughter wants accurate readings of temperatures done every hour. ;)

I found the thermometer simple to use (comes with 3 AAA batteries, too!) and easy to clean with a alcohol wipe. Definitely recommend for all ages. 

Innovo 2016 Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer - Improved Accuracy with Updated In-House Clinical Data and Proprietary Software Upgrade - CE and FDA Approved

Monday, November 21, 2016

Slimming Suzie-5 Body Wraps-The Ultimate Wrap for Weight Loss & Permanent Long Term Inch Loss-Most Powerful Body Contouring Wrap, It Works On Cellulite, Stretch Marks & Psoriasis. by Slimming Suzie

Everyone wants to look skinnier and have all their flaws gone in an instant, right? Well, of course I do, too. I have seen the gimmicks with "It Works" and all the other miracle wraps that seem to be the latest craze. I was offered the opportunity to try Slimming Suzie wraps that boast that the Stars and Models love this product and how the product is 100% natural and 100% organic so why not give it a whirl?

The directions on Amazon state to clean the area (stomach, love handles, etc) and apply the wrap wearing it for 4 hours at a time for 3 days. Note: this did not come with instructions; only with a link to a website. The wrap has a nice cut out for your belly button and is easy enough to peel and stick to your skin. After four hours, you peel it off and be ready because it does stick and whoa, can sting when pulling it off if you don't do it gently. The website gave directions of wearing 6-8 hours every other day and to wrap with saran wrap for extra heat so if you want to go full on, go for it.

The wraps contain Capsaicin (cayenne pepper) so your skin does tingle a bit when it's first put on. It also has Caffeine which aids in restricting blood flow and can tighten skin - temporarily, I applied, added the plastic wrap, had my husband look at me like I was nuts and went about my day doing housework, etc.

After 4ish hours, I took the saran wrap off (boy was I sweaty!!) and peeled the wrap off my belly. My skin was pretty red from what I assume is the Capsaicin and after taking a shower, checked out my flab. Yes, it was still there along with all the pre-existing stretch marks but the skin was very soft and LOOKED firmer and smoother. After checking the measurements, I was actually down 1/4 inch but I think I sweat it all out. LOL

Overall, I will continue using all 5 wraps and then update my review, but did it hurt anything, no. Would I do it regularly, probably not. I can't figure out how the loss is permanent unless the fat is eliminated and truthfully, it's not going anywhere unless its surgical. In the meantime, I could do these once in a while and feel good about a temporary fix. #ad

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TRAKK Harmony New Model 20W 360 Degree Sound Durable Art Fabric Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Power Bank Immersive Sound, Extreme Bass,Green by TRAKK

Trakk is making some very high end quality items. I have purchased a Bluetooth speaker of theirs in the past and have been thrilled with the quality so when I saw this portable fabric one, I knew it would be a great addition to our collection. The size is 8.3 x 1.9 x 5 and is perfect for travel as well.

Not only is it a Bluetooth speaker (2 channels at 10 watts each) with rich bass sound, but is has a built in mic allowing you to answer calls hands-free and is a 7500 mah power back so you can charge USB devices. It also includes a 3.5mm aux jack and even comes with the audio cable, a USB cable and of course, the manual.

Downloading the app and pairing to your phone is a breeze and once you do, you can play music and control the volume super simple. You can always adjust volume or change tracks by using the large buttons on the speaker as well.

The fabric is unique over the rubber speaker and gives it a bit of pizazz plus protects the speaker from accidentally drops. I purchased the green and blue design and the texture is fun, too. The speaker also has a great handle for carrying and hanging on hook outside.
Mine came charged and hasn’t needed to be recharged yet after several hours of use. Amazing!!

One thing I did want to mention is the sound comes from both sides so if you have it laying flat, you still get a good experience but if you have it so you can get both sides, it really is a great sound and perfect for streaming music in the background during firepit night.  #ad

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Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman, White/Light Denim by Stork Craft

My daughter asked for a glider/ottoman set for her nursery and while there are lots out there to choose from, I am very happy I chose this one. Stork Craft did a great job with this beautiful glider that measures right at 25.75 wide x 24.75 long and 39.5 high. I purchased the denim color cushions to go with the nursery theme and it didn't disappoint. The fabric is made well of soft stain resistant microfiber with padded arms and a nice pocket to store things in. It was relatively easy to assemble (about 45 min) with good directions. Both the chair and ottoman glide effortlessly and are quiet so no worries about waking baby up when you leave the chair to put them in the crib. The wood seems solid and sturdy and of good construction as well.

The chair is on the smaller side which is perfect for my daughter at 5"7 and fits her very comfortably. She also likes the ottoman to keep her feet up and said it is a great height for her. Some things she mentioned she didn't like was the seat pad could have more cushioning and she would have liked the back to be a bit taller so her head had more support but overall, very happy with this set. 

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Cheek Retractor -Pack Of 24- Medium Size Clear Mouth Lip Opener for Teeth Whitening, Dental Mouth Opener,Watch Ya Mouth/Speak Out Mouthguard Challenge Game.Perfect for Adults and kids. by Dental Duty

Okay, we all know the new rage of the games such as Watch Ya Mouth or Speak Out, so cheek retractors are the rage. For my large family, we all wanted our "own" and needed several more than the games come with so this pack of 24 is perfect.  Each retractor is mad of durable high grade BPA free plastic so will take lots of use with no problems.

They fit comfortably and are dishwasher safe so after playing the game, toss them in the top rack and they are ready to go for the next get together. The medium size generally fits everyone so great package and for the price, well worth it. 

For 24 of them at $12.99 a package, these are a great addition to have for multiple players or just for use if you are bleaching your teeth to keep your lips and cheeks away from your teeth. For storing, they do stack together quite nicely and won't take up much room.

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South Shore Vito Collection 6-Drawer Double Dresser, Pure White

I purchased this dresser for my grandson’s room for a dresser/changing table combination. It is made from composite wood with a laminated white finish. Yes, it is truly white and not an off white. Assembly was not difficult but did take some time and 2 people. The instructions were typical with a few rereads and patience but it goes together smoothly if you take your time.

The overall measurements provided of 59 X 17 x 33 are accurate with each drawer measuring 25.5 x 13.75. The nickel handles are nice and sturdy and each drawer glides easily and includes stops so it doesn’t slam to the back or fall out the front. The drawer slides are plastic with no wheels but this does come with a 5 year warranty so if anything goes wrong, we can get replacement parts for free.

Once completed, the look is very nice and contemporary. It is a heavy dresser (the packaging said it weighed 105 lbs) so make sure you have someone there to help move it. Great addition to the nursery and it is super functional for our dual purpose needs. Other reviews are hit and miss but my experience is that for the price, you are not going to find something comparable. The only thing that keeps me from loving it is the plastic slides for the drawers because kids can be hard on drawers but again, the warranty helps.

Friday, November 18, 2016

ZEALOT Sports Running Armband Suitable for All Smart Phones

I purchased this armband for my sister-in-law since she is a runner to hold her iPhone and upon testing, I found it to work well to hold a few sizes of iPhones such as 5s, 5c and 6s. It straps around your arm tightly and with the velcro strap, it allows you to adjust to fit as needed. The only issue I had was how well this will last since the stitching was a bit loose around the velcro strap. 

A nice feature is that it does stay secure while running, bouncing, and just being active. I had no issues with it coming loose in the holder as well. As a phone holder for sports, it will do it's job provided it stays together.

For more information, click here.

ZEALOT Sports Running Armband Suitable for All Smart Phones

Pet Grooming Brush Gloves For Shedding Dogs and Cats, Set of 2 by Mindful Pets

Do you have dogs that shed like my Labrador Retrievers? Well, consider investing in these great grooming gloves. They come in a 2 pack with one mitt having longer plastic tipped pins to get down deep into a dogs undercoat or thick furred babies while the other is all tipped in silicone and does a great job of taking off the top dead layer.

Both gloves work remarkably well and are easy to clean. They even come with a money back guarantee so no risk in trying it. My girls love the longer tipped one since it gets down deep in their fur and acts like a massager. Price is $12.95 and free Prime shipping.

Great purchase for all animals and made well. All pieces are sewn or attached well.

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Onsen Professional Grade Crystal Clear Scrub Micro Water Complex Sweet Macadamia - 13.36 oz (395 ml) Made in USA

If you have been looking for a great scrub that keeps your skin hydrated but not oily, this Onsen Professional Grade scrub is the one to use. The smell is incredible, the texture is perfect for exfolitation. A little does go a long way so this will last me months. My skin looks polished and soft. Definitely a keeper! Some additional information includes:

  • Made with Fine Exfoliating Crystals to thoroughly Cleanse Pores and Remove Layers of Dry, Dead Skin Cells and Dirt that Blocks the Pores
  • The Crystals are Saturated with the Exact Amount of Rich Conditioning Botanical Oils
  • Exfoliates and Reveals Fresh Radiant New Skin Layers. Use it to Combat Eczema
  • Especially Beneficial for Rough and Dry Areas, such as Knees, Elbows, Hands and Feet

Professional Grade Crystal Clear Scrub Micro Water Complex Sweet Macadamia - 13.36 oz (395 ml) Made in USA

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TRAKK Glow New Model App Enabled LED Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker – 360 Degree 20W – Weatherproof 30 Feet Long Distance Connectivity – Auto Sleep 10 Hours of Play/Work Time Includes USB Power Bank – 4600mAh

If you are in the market for an excellent sounding bluetooth speaker, this TRAKK glow model is for you. Weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof with awesome LED lighting, this speaker is amazing for using during activities such as camping, pool parties, boating, or just in the house. You can use it by the pool with no worries since it is splash-proof and even use it as a source to charge phones or power other USB related devices. Once you download the app, you can control the lighting colors and even change the audio equalizer to fit the music. 

Since we are outdoors most of the time, the insect light is great to keep bugs away the built-in color scan option on the app allows you the speaker to automatically scan through colors, if desired. I like that it has a great sleep timer to power down the lighting and speaker as well. 

Finally, having an SOS feature in case of emergency is priceless. The convenience of being able to easily move this speaker from place to place with a nice handle is sweet. It was very simple to sync to my phone and has an interface plug to allow for additional sources like a video projector to enhance sound for an outdoor movie. I charged mine up and it lasted all afternoon outside at almost 6 hours.

Amazing quality speaker that provides 360 surround sound (10 w per channel 20 w total) and the sound is deep, rich and crisp. 

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TRAKK Glow New Model App Enabled LED Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker - 360 Degree 20W - Weatherproof 30 Feet Long Distance Connectivity - Auto Sleep 10 Hours of Play/Work Time Includes USB Power Bank - 4600mAh