Saturday, November 5, 2016

SunGrow Pet Brush for Hair Deshedding : A Trouble-Free Tool to Keep Dogs and Cats Groomed, Hearty & Healthy

Having labradors, my house is constantly full of dog hair so we have been looking for something that removes the dead hair quickly and easily from  our girls before it hits the floor and gets scattered everywhere. Having purchased a SunGrow item before and knowing the quality, I thought this would be a good addition and meet our needs and I was right. This great tool is easy to use and comes with a blade cover to keep it from getting damaged into between uses. What I really liked was how simple it is to use just by brushing the dog in simple strokes and off the dead hair comes. My dogs LOVE having this used on them and I'm sure it feels so much better to have that dead hair off. The handle is very comfortable and has an ergo lightweight grip. It was really amazing how much hair just kept coming off them! And, there is much less hair on my floor now. Thank you, SunGrow!

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