Monday, November 14, 2016

MAIRICO Deluxe Heavy Duty Take-Apart Kitchen Shears and General Purpose Kitchen Scissors- 420J2 Stainless Steel for Extra Durability, Sharpness and Rust Resistance

If you are looking for a high quality heavy duty pair of kitchen shears, then you may want to look into these Mairico ones. I have used them for 2 weeks now on everything from chicken to artichokes to construction paper and every time, I get a nice clean cut that is just as sharp as when I took them out of the package. 

They come apart for easy cleaning including DISHWASHER so you can put them on the sanitize cycle after using them on foods and know they are clean and ready to go for the next time. Or, after your family hijacks them to use for their own purpose then sneaks them back thinking you don't know where that sticky yuck came from. Just toss them in and have piece of mind that using them on your food is okay.

These are not sissy shears so watch them around young ones. They are heavy stainless steel and will cut like the dickens. My favorite part is they fit my hand great. Most scissors are uncomfortable for me to handle so I was stoked to find out these worked. They also have a nice lop on the handles to use for opening jars or bottles. Check them out because for the price, they are unbeatable.

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