Wednesday, October 5, 2016

YUYUGO Combination Disassembly Truck Toys With Screwdriver & Wrench for Kids Age of 3+, Set of 3

This cure little truck set is perfect for my nephew and his love for using tools to take apart things and put them back together. The set includes 3 trucks - a bulldozer, a dump truck and a hook type truck. Each one has bright primary colors and is made from a heavy durable plastic that is non-toxic and safe for use. What I love is that he can use the wrench and screwdriver to take the wheels off and remove the pieces on the trucks encouraging him to use his imagination and fine motor skills. He just turned 7 and still puts stuff in his mouth so even though the packaging and description say safe for 3 plus years, I would say 5 and up just because of the smaller parts. One of the wheels was off when my package arrived and I thought it was broke until I realized it was part of the "assembly". Very cute and creative product that I happily got as a birthday gift for him. 

Even though this was purchased at a discount, I am in no way obligated to provide feedback. However, I am honest in providing my likes/dislikes about products and choose to help others in their purchase decisions with my opinion.

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