Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gideon™ Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion for Car and Home – with Vibrating Massage – 5-Level Cooling - Maximize Comfort During Travel, At Home and Office

I purchased this for my husband who has had several back surgeries and the majority of his job is driving. The vibration modes (3) are nice and he said they do a great job of hitting pressure points for him. He also likes that it hits the backs of his thighs that tend to go numb if sitting too long. It really helps keep them from doing that. The greatest function is the ability to go between heat and cool on this vibrating chair massager. When it's cold out, his back doesn't move as well so the heat/massage combo does a great job of getting the muscles to relax. And, when it's hot out, the cold will do a great job of keeping them from aching. The control is easy to use and pretty self explanatory. Set up only took a few minutes to secure to his truck seat. Once plugged in and turned on, you can feel either the heat or cold quickly. It circulates throughout the top and bottom and seems to hit just the right zones. Very happy with the product and will be getting another one for another car.

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