Monday, April 24, 2017

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Portable & Water Resistant for Shower/Outdoor Usage, Stereo Sound 6+ Hours Playtime, Powerful 5W Drive, Built-in Microphone Handsfree Calls, SuctionCup & SnapHook, Green

I have a son famous for taking his phone in the bathroom getting it as close as he can to the shower so he can listen to his music while he bathes. Drives me INSANE with worry the phone will get damaged from moisture. This EazyClips wireless bluetooth speaker just changed the game.

When it arrived, I though okay, small but what is the sound like? I charged it up, even though it came with a charge, paired it to my phone easily by following the instructions (push power and hold for blue light) and started up the music. I was bummed that the sound was not as loud as I hoped for until I realized I needed to turn up the volume on my phone so the speaker could have min - max volume range. Duh. Once I did....look out! Great sound and clarity came booming through. 

The speaker (mine is green) is water resistant, splash proof, and has a great suction cup on the back that sticks even to kitchen cabinets - at least they did mine. The buttons around the edge of the speaker allow you to move forward and backward a song, pause, increase/decrease the volume, and answer phone calls that may come in.

Overall, I'm amazed at this sound quality of this tiny speaker. My son absolutely loves it. The rest of the house, not so much since he sings at the top of his lungs with it. :)

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