Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SunGrow Shake Q Pet Food Ball - FUN and INTERACTIVE Treat-dispensing Ball for Dogs & Cats: Increases IQ and MENTAL stimulation: BEST alternative to Bowl Feeding : Easy to CLEAN

My dogs love this!! Our pups range in age from 4 months to 7 years and all loved playing with this. It was fun watching them figure out how to get the treats out by nuzzling the ball with their noses or even swatting it with their paw like one of ours did.

To add the treats, you simply twist apart the ball, add the treats, close it back up and the weighted bottom keeps the ball upright or returns the ball to an upright position as they play. When the ball leans to one side, a hole allows the treat to pop out. Once they figure it out, they move through them quickly. We decided to tape over one side so its more of a challenge for the older dog since she got it right away. The bell inside is cute and keeps them entertained as well.

Very cute dog toy and really does keep them busy for quite a while.

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