Tuesday, April 25, 2017

360 Degree Rotation Motion Sensor Light, LC-dolida Cordless Rechargeable LED Night Light Stick Anywhere Safe Lights Nursing Lights with Detachable Magnetic Base for Hallway Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen

We have a bedroom that has was recently vacated and has no lighting in it so I was ecstatic to find this motion light. It is super easy to use, charge, set and go. The magnetic rotating base is awesome and we have our set to auto so when you walk in the room, it turns on and then you can freely move it around to the angle you want. That allows us to see in the closet area or a corner etc hands free! You can also just remove it from the base and it acts like a spotlight. It comes with a charging cord although you can use 3 AAA batteries, too, and an adhesive disc to keep it stationary if you want. Once triggered, it stays on for 20 seconds or you can change the setting to on and have steady light for as long as you need it. The LED is a nice lighting, too, and not so bright you are shielding your eyes when it pops on in the dark.

Super happy with this light and will get more for other areas that have limited lighting like the shed and boat.

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