Tuesday, April 25, 2017

STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker, Red Dot Award Winner Portable Espresso Cappuccino,Quick Cold Brew Manual Coffee Maker Machines All in One

Oh wow does this little coffee maker work super easy. To call it compact doesn't do it justice. We have been looking for something small and easy that REALLY makes good coffee for a long time for our camping trips and this was it. 

Since you can control the press, you can make is strong (hubby) or light for me. It requires no electricity so we take it on the boat when we overnight camp, too. You have to add the hot water but again, that allows you control. Each part is easy to assemble/deassemble and clean. Once you tamp your coffee in to the basket, you press it down and reassemble the pieces, pour in desired temp water screw the pump on and start pumping. We use about 10-11. Once you do, it forces the water through the coffee and boom, hot coffee! 

The instructions are easy to follow in multiple languages and you receive a nice bonus gift of a secondary shot glass up for the espresso to pump into allowing.

Nice espresso/coffee maker and my Americano made at home never tasted better.

For more information, click here.

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