Friday, June 30, 2017

PREMIUM 62 in 1 Repair Tool Kit With 56 Magnetic Bit Set - Precision Screwdriver Set With Ratcheting Screwdriver - iPhone / Cell Phone / Computer Repair Tools / Electrician Tool Kit (Misc.)

No more asking my husband to use his tools! I love this set that has 56 different magnetic bit tips plus extension rods, a fine point tweezer and all kinds of goodies to use when doing my crafts. The handle on the screwdriver fits well in my hand and is super comfy. Each bit fits tightly into the base and I love how the bit holders have the sizes listed for non-mechanical people like me. I already have used the screen opener (flat plastic piece) to open the back of remote and yay, no broken nail. Aweseome price on this if you are looking for a solid handy gift, too.

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