Monday, June 12, 2017

Swim Goggles, Merssyria Anti Fog with UV Protection Lenses,Professional Waterproof Swimming Goggles,Non Leaking With swimming Earplugs and Nose Clip for Women and Men,Kids and Adults

I got these for my niece since she lives in the pool during the summer and uses googles constantly. Problem for her is she has super long thick hair and the straps catch on the hair hurting her head. With the great desigh of a buckle in the back that once you adjust, these are by far her favorite to wear.  She loves the mirror reflection adn the soft nose bridge, too. Best part is the earplugs that keep her ears dry and less prone to ear infection. I love how everything is attached so no worries about losing pieces. When not in use, she has a great case to keep them in and I get a kick out of watching her use the included cleaning cloth to keep them "new". Great set of googles!

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