Monday, July 10, 2017

Kenley Fairy Garden House Planter - Miniature Gardening Starter Set with Pot, Fairies & Accessories - Mini Potting Kit for Succulents Cactus Plants Flowers - Arts and Crafts Gift for Girls Kids Adults

I don't usually review items that I'm not very happy with but this one had such potential. It arrived not only broken, but unusable. Now, that could be a packaging issue except I have reached out asking for resolution to no avail.

The design itself is cute with the little fairies, a small turtle you can easily overlook in the packaging and a little sigh that can get staked in the dirt and of course, the pot/house that you plant yoru tiny items in. It really is a cute item I just wish my fairies hadn't arrived in pieces so I could enjoy it as it was intended.

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