Tuesday, May 30, 2017

FluffyPal Chew Toys for Puppies Small Dogs and Medium Dogs, Made in Europe Vanilla Scented Dog Rubber Toys, Soft and Floating Puppy Toys For More Fun, Perfect For Training & Keeping Pets Fit

I can't get enough of these awesome dog toys and neither can my dog. I have purchased 6 different sets that each contain 1-3 toys in them from rubber balls, to chew rings and ropes with this great vanilla scent that has her literally giddy playing. She has dumbells, rings, tug o war ropes and all kinds of fun durable stuff. She has been playing with them for a few days now and even has shared with other family member dogs and each toy has stayed whole with no breakage.

Definitely good quality toy sets that even her tough mouth can't destroy. Obviously, I like them a lot because I purchased 6 sets!!

Check them out for yourself here.

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