Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Purifying Blackhead Remover Cleansing Black Mask - Infused With Charcoal - Peel Off Black Mask To Exfoliate Forehead, Nose, Face, & Chin – Alayna Naturals (Black Mask)

I typically use a clay mask once a week but after trying this charcoal mask by Alayna Naturals, I won't go back.

My first experience was awkward at best due to use error. I did my nightly routine of washing my face then went to apply the mask. The texture is smooth and it comes out thick, but that doesn't mean apply it thick as I soon learned. I applied it all over my face - not so much following the directions to keep away from the eye and lip area, hairline and eyebrows (believe me, you want to avoid this) and sat back to let it dry. Because I applied it too thick, it took a about 30 minutes. When it came off, it easily peeled in large pieces and wow did my skin look good. The pores were tight and my face was CLEAN and SOFT! Sure, there were little pieces left but you easily wash them off with some warm water and a make up pad or washcloth.

For my next attempt a few days later (the directions state can be used a few times weekly for max results), I applied it a little less thick and more even and kept it away from my eyebrow and lip areas better. Results were fantastic and now, I am on a roll. My skin looks so much fresher and applying when applying foundation, it really looks good on my healthy skin. Charcoal is definitely a better mask for my skin keeping it less oily and bright. Great mask and the price is amazing for the salon quality.

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