Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sappywoon Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Power Bank HD 1080P Real-Time View Sleek Baby Monitor Wireless Security Camera Motion Activated Alerts Spy Cameras and Nanny Cameras, Black

I am pretty impressed with this power bank/spy cam. I thought it was just going to record video but it has audio as well. The power bank charges up my electronics nicely and while sitting inconspicuously on my desk, it is recording you so look out! You need to purchase a micro SD card and download the app to your phone but it was simple to connect to my home wifi and be in business. When an alert goes off, it snapshots it and sends it to your phone. You can even share the camera with others that log in so they can monitor things for you, too! Picture was clear and sound good, not great, but good and when you pop the SD card into your PC, you can review all instances. You cannot even tell its a camera since the light looks like its charging. Sweet!

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