Monday, March 13, 2017

TheFitLife TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door - Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Velcro and Powerful Magnets that Snap Shut Automatically - 38"x83" Fits Door Size up to 36"x82" Max

I have been looking for simple solution to the summer days when the kids/dogs rip through the house and go running out back opening and closing our screen door (or should I say slamming). The dogs will open it and not close it driving me insane with mosquitoes and other flying insects that see an open screen and come on in.

This magnetic screen door is the answer. it fit my door frame perfectly and installed so easy with double sided sticky tape that attaches the velcro strip to secure it to the frame but you can tack it as well. The center pieces line up great and have magnets that keeps them connected well. It looks great hanging up and can be easily removed by unattaching the velcro and folding it away for later. It keeps the bugs out and my screen door rollers from being worn out by the constant use. I have to add I like being able to take the BBQ stuff outdoors when my hands are full by simply walking through.

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