Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sogrand 6pcs-Pack,Solar Lights Outdoor,Solar Light,Landscape Lighting,Solar Pathway Lights,for Lawn,Patio,Yard,Walkway,Driveway,Pathway,Garden,Landscape

Solid, durable, weather resistant set of solar lights that are simple to put together and use. After putting them together (very easy), I kept them in the sun for a full two days to charge before placing them in my yard just to make sure they had a good charging first. After finding the right spots, I can't express how pleased I am with these. They come on at dusk and go off when either the charge runs out or the sun rises. I have a few that get more solid light during the day and they stay on ALL night. The nice prism effect from the lighting on the ground is a great accent and I love how you can just move these around to where ever you need lighting. Already, I want MORE! The plastic is not flimsy so I am hoping these last a long time.

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