Thursday, March 2, 2017

VMA Accessories Men's Classic Dress Leather Belt, Black & Brown Colors, Regular Sizes

This means leather belt with gorgeous alloy buckle exceeds my expectations. I ordered it in black for my son's work outfits and it arrived inside a lined box with the belt wrapped from top to bottom to protect the leather and the buckle separately wrapped with tissue paper to keep it from scratching in transit. That attention to detail told me it was of high quality before even inspecting the belt and I wasn't wrong.

The leather has a great finish that almost looks like small scales but very classy. The stitching is tight and is secured well to the buckle. The holes are punched evenly and there are several to make sure the sizing fits right. I purchased in black and it fits my husband who is a 36" and my son who is a 34" well. It says one size fits all and from 34 to 42" and I would agree that is accurate. Nice thing is you don't notice much hangover if you are a smaller size and if it is too much, you can cut the end to fit. 

I am genuinely impressed with the quality. The leather is nice, the buckle works well and overall it very affordable. Definitely will be looking into other products by this brand.

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