Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Solar Phone Charger 12000mAh - LED Flashlight and Waterproof - Includes Compass , Paracord , Fire Starter and Carabiner Clip - Solar Power Bank - Solar Battery - Portable Charger

So the hubby that has everything has been eyeballing these solar chargers for when he hunts and is clear up on a mountain in the middle of nowhere and wants to keep his phone charged. This 12000mAh charger rocks. One side is a solar panel that acts as a power bank sucking up the sun and turning it into glorious power. The other side has a LED flashlight built in that can also flash and be used as a distress signal. It has 2 USB ports so his buddy can plug in as well and includes a compass, ten foot paracord, carabiner and even flint to start a fire. 

The charger is water and shock resistant and dust proof, too. Hubby likes how it's lightweight and packs easily into his backpack. Make sure you charge it off a wall to start since solar takes a while. Great for a quick emergency charging, especially in the woods. 

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