Thursday, February 9, 2017

Car Window Shade Sun Shade To Protect Your Baby/ Kid/ Pet From Harmful UV Light| Easy Setup In The Rear Side Windows| Premium Interior Car Accessories, Blinds & Sun Shields Made 2 Shade

These car shades are so simple to use! They slide right over the door and window and can be secured by velcro you stick to the inside of the car (optional). I just put mine over the door, shut it and like how it provides nice quick shade. A bonus is the mesh allows you to roll down your window and still get fresh air! They are made of a durable mesh fabric and elastic band that is stitched together well. The screens (2 in a pack) are machine washable and when not in use, go right back in the nice compact clear bag they came in for storage. Great product that allows flexibility to use on multiple vehicles and is sure going to help in the hot California sun.

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