Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Express Microwave Potato Cooker - Perfect oven baked potatoes in just 4 minutes - Works on any type of potatoes - Holds up to 4 large potatoes - Reusable and machine washable - Red (2 Bags)

Talk about fast and easy. We eat potatoes several times a week and the ease of popping them in a bag that cooks them in 4 minutes has reduced our cooking time like crazy. I got a set of 2 that allows me to put up to 4 (smaller) or 2 (large) russet potatoes in and in 4 minutes, they are DONE. The bags are made of polyester fiber cloth and are machine washable and reusable to lots of use for these in my house. The bag acts as a steamer so the potatoes cook quicker and come out soft and fluffy inside. I cooked a yam in it at work the other day and it came out perfect. Great set and a very cool housewarming gift!

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