Friday, February 10, 2017

INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation Dusk Fading Night Light with Nature Sounds, FM Radio, Touch Control and USB Charger

I'm having a hard time getting my son to get up in the morning and his doctor suggested a simulation light so this alarm clock/nature sounds/radio/light was a great find. We set the clock to start 30 min before he actually needs to be up and it slowly gets brighter to wake him up gradually instead of a startling him awake with a normal clock. He can hit the snooze mode if he needs to as well. 

He was super excited to see the color changes (6) that you can set and changes it daily. He set the alarm to wake him up to forest sounds this morning and it was nice to hear. All the sounds including the ocean, birds and chimes are really soft and nice. You can set it to come on the radio, too. The light does allow for AAA batteries but the light doesn't work unless plugged in. This is a USB powered connected light and it comes with the wall adapter so easy to set up. Make sure you read the enclosed manual thoroughly because it is pretty easy to follow and use. I'm thrilled with it because it has made him a lot less grumpy being able to gradually get up and he looks forward to even going to bed since he can listen to "cool" sounds and have "neat" light in his room.

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