Friday, February 3, 2017

Premium Whiskey Stones by Amerigo - Water Down Your Whiskey? Never Again ! Set of 9 Chilling Whiskey Rocks - Packaged in an Exclusive Wooden Gift Set - Ice Cubes - Drinking Rocks - Free Velvet Pouch

These whiskey stones look amazing in our drinks. After freezing for a few hours, they stay very cold in our drinks and when done, they clean up easy and store nicely in the wooden box or if we are putting back in the freezer, the velvet pouch. The stones are made of soapstone and are BPA free and FDA approved so no worries about them in your drinks. I initially was worried about the stones scratching our nice barware but they edges are rounded so no issues there. I am thinking about these as gifts for the person who has everything because they truly are that nice and elegant looking.

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