Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Calily Life Organic Coconut Milk Scrub with Dead Sea Minerals, 24 Oz. – Deep Moisturizing and Nourishment - Exfoliates, Clears Eczema, Removes Wrinkles, Gets Skin Vibrant and Revitalized

Still moving through this high quality line of body care, I am now trying the Coconut Milk Scrub to see if it lives up to my love of the Calily Life Coffee Scrub. What I like is it is less of a exfoliate than the other scrub but wow, it leaves your skin very soft and it feels like it actually soothes it. It smells wonderful with the coconut scent, almost has a calming effect, and the dead sea salt gently cleans my skin and without harsh chemicals, preservatives or synthetics. This scrub is hypoallergenic and considering I have very sensitive skin that had no adverse affects, I can concur it is good for that particular skin type. 

It arrives in a screw top jar (large sized) and needs to be mixed before use since it settles and you want that wonderful almond and grape seed oil combined with all the vitamins and minerals to be applied evenly. For me, I have been applying all over my body - legs, arms, torso and especially my dry areas like knees and elbows and all areas have been noticeably softer and smoother. Best part is it leaves a nice sheen to your skin without the oily/greasy feeling most oils do. Definitely at the top of my list for body care.

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